Cost of breast reduction in tobago  

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passion passion
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what is the cheapest price in Trinidad and Tobago for breast reduction

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Julio José Casas Ocando M.D.
Julio José Casas Ocando M.D. Julio José Casas Ocando M.D.
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You should contact one of the plastic surgeron in trinidad, here in caracas could be around 4000 american dolars.

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crissy crissy
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Do you have a payment plan? Am from trinidad and I want to do a breast reduction

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Dr Karthik Ram
Dr Karthik Ram Dr Karthik Ram
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hi passion,
greetings from chennai plastic surgery, india. i m sorry i m not able to give you details about cost in t&t.
but in our center the cost is around 4000 USD depending on the findings.
thank u

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