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Face lift : looking for a good cosmetic surgeon in the south spain 3 2014-06-05
Face lift: looking for surgeons around the Almeria area 0 2014-06-01
Neck contouring 2 2014-04-02
What are the alternatives to a traditional face lift?  POPULAR 8 2014-03-18
What is a SMAS face lift ?  POPULAR 14 2014-03-17
Face Lift 7 2014-03-17
Rhytidectomy by Laszlo Zolst: any reviews or recommendations? 1 2014-03-02
Face lift: sagging skin around the mouth 11 2014-01-22
What is the price range of a face-lift in Poland? 6 2013-12-18
Facelift side-effects 1 2013-10-10
Facelift 1 2013-06-26
What type of anaesthesia is used during face lift surgery?  POPULAR 9 2012-12-30
Where is the incision made in a classic face lift?  POPULAR 10 2012-09-06
Intra-dermal sutures and allergy 0 2012-07-24
How long is the recovery period after a face lift?  POPULAR 6 2012-05-31
What is an appropriate age for a face lift?  POPULAR 6 2012-05-31
What regimen must be followed after a face lift?  POPULAR 5 2012-05-31
How long does the effect of a face lift last?  POPULAR 5 2012-05-31
Tired face expression POPULAR 4 2012-05-31
When is it not possible to perform face lift surgery?  POPULAR 9 2012-05-31

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