When is it not possible to perform face lift surgery?

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I am 46 years old and receive treatment for high blood pressure. Are there age restrictions or conditions which can prevent someone from undergoing a face lift? When is it not possible to perform face lift surgery?

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allanjames allanjames
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There are no restrictions unless you have any skin allergies or undergoing any treatments on your face.

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Jo Skulavik M.D. Jo Skulavik M.D.
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Contraindications to facelift surgery include severe concomitant medical problems (also skin ones). While not absolute contraindications, the risk of postoperative complications is increased in cigarette smokers and patients with diabetes and non treated hypertension. Patients are typically asked to abstain from taking aspirin or other blood thinners for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. You have to have normal blood pressure on your medication.
Kind regards,
Dr. Jo Skulavik

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Prof. Tiberiu Bratu M.D., Ph.D. Prof. Tiberiu Bratu M.D., Ph.D.
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You can undergo the face lift surgery if you continue with your treatment as prescripted. However, you cannot take aspirins and anticoagulant 10 days before the surgery.
There is no age restriction, and at your age you might not evan need a big face lift, a mini face lift and some botox injections might solve your problem.


Tiberiu Bratu M.D. PhD

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M.D. Natasa Popovic M.D. Natasa Popovic
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Green light for operation gives you a cardiologist. He says that if you undergo surgery or not.

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In my practice the main reasons that I would NOT perform a face lift would be for significant health issues such as cardiac disease, high risk of strokes, chronic smokers or similar major life issues. Hypertension is not a contraindication for face lift surgery.

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Dott. Luigi Maria Lapalorcia M.D. Dott. Luigi Maria Lapalorcia M.D.
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with a medical clearence from a board certified cardiologist or internal medicine specialist my patients undergo facelift as long as they continue their regular medical therapy and avoid medications like aspirin the 2 weeks before the operation to reduce the risk of hematoma.

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Âge is not a restriction to performing a face lift. Co-morbidities CAN be ! High blood pressure, when controlled, is not a problem. Another relative contra-indication to surgery is smoking !!! I personally do NOT operate on heavy smokers. Regards Dr A ZELTZER

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Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center
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You can have your face lift surgery, if your blood pressure is controlled, with medicines. There is usually no age restriction, if you are healthy otherwise, since we perform all face lifts under local anesthesia. If you have a heart condition, or you cannot avoid beta-blockers, or severe systemic illness, we generally avoid face lift in these cases, even under local anesthesia.

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Carlos Gonzalez-Legarda M.D. Carlos Gonzalez-Legarda M.D.
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If you have blood pressure controlled before, and after surgery, you can undergo face lift

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