Gynecomastia (Male breast-reduction surgery)

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Gynaecomastia surgery is a unilateral or bilateral breast reduction in men. Before male breast reduction, the enlarged mammary gland must be examined by an endocrinologist. Hospitalization lasts one day and it is necessary to wear a chest bandage for 3-4 weeks. It is appropriate to wait one month before resuming sports activities.

Surgical treatment is chosen in situations where the patient does not respond to hormonal therapy, as in the case of long-term gynecomastia, or on the recommendation of an endocrinologist, who considers conservative treatment inappropriate.

Procedure and result of gynecomastia surgery

The surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia; however, it is performed under general anaesthesia more often. Gynecomastia surgery requires one-day hospitalization. A chest bandage reduces swelling and promotes skin reattachment. Bruising and pain occur after surgery. Analgesics and anti-inflammatory medication is used. In case of any inconclusive findings, a histological examination is performed. The result of surgery is permanent. Complications include breast asymmetry, which can be addressed by reoperation.

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