Power assisted liposuction

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By power assisted liposuction a device with vibration cannula is used to disrupt and suck the fat cells. It is often combined with tumescent technique, when a local anesthesia can be used to work on the problem parts by change of position of the patient during the procedure.

What is power assisted liposuction?


Vacuson LP 60

Power assisted liposuction utilizes a surgical device with a liposuction cannula that oscillates in quick micro-movements back and forth. The device has proven to be especially gentle to fatty tissues with higher percentage of ligament, e.g. on buttocks or back. This kind of liposuction is used for repeated intervention in tissue remodeling; it can smooth the final irregularities in the sucked area and in the border areas between sucked and unsucked parts of the body. Vacuson LP 60, the advanced and most often used equipment, consists of a vibration cannula, infiltration and suction device. Presently, the tumescent technique using a vibration cannula is considered the gentlest and the most efficient method, i.e. tumescent liposuction together with power-assisted liposuction.

For more information see http://www.estheticon.com/procedures/liposuction


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