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BOTOX® / DYSPORT® 97% worth it
642 reviews
Blepharoplasty 96% worth it
1253 reviews
Breast Augmentation – Implants 97% worth it
5813 reviews
Breast lift 96% worth it
697 reviews
Hair replacement 94% worth it
292 reviews
Injectable fillers 96% worth it
502 reviews
Labiaplasty 97% worth it
377 reviews
Liposuction 95% worth it
1310 reviews
Rhinoplasty 92% worth it
2124 reviews
breast reduction 98% worth it
1056 reviews
face-lift 97% worth it
526 reviews
tummy tuck 96% worth it
1947 reviews

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“Dr. Stasch knows his work very well. I can't believe I was able to go to work after one week! The pain is manageable and the scar is healing really...” More 

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  • „I wrote my review as part of a diary that I kept throughout my surgery time in Prague. I hope it helps other..“Helen Firth, abdominoplasty


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Tips for effective skin cleansing

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How to prevent wrinkles?

Notino, s.r.o.  | 
2018-05-03  |   1 Comment

As we grow older, our skin loses its firmness and the first expression wrinkles and age spots start to appear. You can influence how... More