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Blepharoplasty 95% worth it
956 reviews
Breast Augmentation – Implants 97% worth it
4387 reviews
Breast lift 95% worth it
531 reviews
Chemical peeling 95% worth it
43 reviews
Hair replacement 93% worth it
160 reviews
Injectable fillers 95% worth it
343 reviews
Lip augmentation 93% worth it
93 reviews
Liposuction 94% worth it
1071 reviews
Rhinoplasty 91% worth it
1688 reviews
breast reduction 97% worth it
838 reviews
face-lift 98% worth it
423 reviews
tummy tuck 96% worth it
1620 reviews

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Procedure: In vitro fertilization – IVF

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  • „I wrote my review as part of a diary that I kept throughout my surgery time in Prague. I hope it helps other..“Helen Firth, abdominoplasty



New aproaches on Tummy Tuck operations

Op. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur MD, PhD  | 

There are 4 important matters on tummy tucks. Which are they? How to not to skip any of them? How to concretize muscle tissue? There are... More 

Facial contouring

Estheticon  | 

Facial or face contouring is a surgery which removes sebaceous (fat) follicles in facial area causing round face. Significantly, this... More