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Blepharoplasty 95% worth it
886 reviews
Breast Augmentation – Implants 96% worth it
3965 reviews
Breast lift 95% worth it
487 reviews
Chemical peeling 98% worth it
40 reviews
Hair replacement 93% worth it
139 reviews
Injectable fillers 95% worth it
320 reviews
Lip augmentation 93% worth it
78 reviews
Liposuction 94% worth it
995 reviews
Rhinoplasty 91% worth it
1525 reviews
breast reduction 97% worth it
772 reviews
face-lift 98% worth it
387 reviews
tummy tuck 96% worth it
1523 reviews

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Excellent Surgery - I went back for more!!
Procedure: Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants
“The first procedure I had by Mr Briffa was removal of leaking old PIP breast implants and replacement with new ones along with a breast lift. He...”

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  • „I wrote my review as part of a diary that I kept throughout my surgery time in Prague. I hope it helps other..“Helen Firth, abdominoplasty


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