About us

Our venture began in 2006. Artur Holba and I were a couple of online marketing guys who saw a demand for website syndication in several specific markets.

Looking Back: How We Developed an Idea

By Pavel Hilbert, CEO

Our venture began in 2006. Artur Holba and I were a couple of online marketing guys who saw a demand for website syndication in several specific markets. It was a growing niche, and we were going to jump on it. Our strong search engine optimization backgrounds gave us the insight we needed to come up with an idea: There are a lot of professionals and retailers out there. Let’s give them a way to increase their exposure. Let’s show them how to provide information about their services to a broader reach of potential clients.

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We did our research and spoke with a number of people to figure out which market needed us the most. Aesthetic plastic surgery and dermatology was the obvious choice. We kicked off our new venture with www.cosmetic-plastic-surgery.info and www.kosmetische­-plastische­-chirurgie.eu. These domains were initially focused on medical tourism: bringing patients (mainly from the UK and Germany) to the Czech Republic and matching them with Czech surgeons.

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As our markets and audiences developed, we listened to doctors and patients throughout Europe and began to broaden our reach. We realized the majority of people visiting our site were looking for information and referrals closer to home rather than abroad. We then shifted our focus and expanded our operation by featuring doctors from different countries who could share their expertise with our visitors. This enabled our visitors to find the right medical professional in many places around the world. We’re passionate about helping our clients – doctors and patients alike – by providing them with the most reliable and up-to-date information about aesthetic plastic surgery and dermatology on the web, all in one convenient, user-friendly place.

Where we are – What’s happening today

So here it is, 2015. So far, Estheticon has:

  • 14 language versions, 
  • 1 112 072 visits per month*
  • Premium members from 34 countries worldwide 
  • Active members from 74 countries.
  • 1 112 072 visits per month*
    64 860 patient contacts per month*
    186 361 discussion forum posts
    106 614 answers from doctors in the Q&A area
    4 889 active doctors

*Januar 2015

The company

Our offices are in Prague. We have a fun, hardworking team of 20 employees and contracted freelancers both across the Czech Republic and abroad.

What doctors have to say about us

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 Créez votre profil Estheticon from Estheticon on Vimeo.


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Come by and say hello!

We participate in a variety of congresses and would love to meet you!

Upcoming dates:

  • F2F Cannes 09/2015
  • XXXVI. Národní kongres plastické chirurgie, Praha, 09/2015
  • CATFAS V, Gent, Belgium, 09/2015
  • ESPRAS, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 10/2015
  • ISAPS, Belgrade, Serbia, 10/2015
  • DGPRÄC Berlin 10/2015
  • Kongres PTCHPRIE 10/2015
  • Kongres internazionale AGORA Milano 10/2015
  • SICPRE nazionale 10/2015
  • GÄCD 10/2015
  • SOS Munic 11/2015
  • Congrès National SOFCPRE Paris 11/2015

Here’s a list of some of the places we’ve recently been:

  • VDÄPC Frühjahrsakademie - Hannover 05/2015
  • AMME (Ass. Médecine Morphologie et Esthétique) 05/2015
  • Kongres nazionale SIME - Roma 05/2015
  • IMCAS World Congress, Paris, France 01/2015
  • 5th Bozner Symposium of Plastic Surgery 01/2015
  • Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast, 6th European conference, Milano, Italy, 12/2014
  • SICPRE, Bergamo, Italy, 10/2014
  • CCR Expo, London, UK 10/2014
  • GÄCD, Köln, Deutschland 10/2014
  • FILACP, Cancun, Mexico 9/2014 
  • EACMFS, Prague, Czech Republic 9/2014
  • F.A.C.E. 2 f@ce, Cannes, France 9/2014
  • DGPRÄC, München, Deutschland 9/2014
  • VDÄPC, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 5/2014
  • SOS 2014, Stuttgart, Germany, 2/2014 
  • IMCAS, Paris, France 1-2/2014
  • GÄCD, München, Deutschland 10/2013
  • ISAPS, Cannes, France 9/2013
  • DDG, Dresden, Germany 5/2013
  • VDÄPC, Kassel, Germany 5/2013
  • FILACP / SCCP, Santa Marta, Colombia 4/2013
  • AMCPER, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 4/2013
  • AMWC, Monaco, Monte Carlo 4/2013
  • SOS Symposium, Köln, Deutschland 2013
  • IPRAS Santiago de Chile 2013
  • ISAPS Prague 2012
  • CSPCH CZECH Pilsen 2012
  • VDAPC Stuttgart 2012
  • FILACP Medellin 2012
  • ISAPS Geneve 2012
  • DGPRAC / VDAPC Bremen 2012
  • GÄCD Freiburg 2012
  • DGPRAC / VDAPC Innsbruck 2011
  • Warsaw 2011
  • SBCP/ISAPS Goiânia 2011
  • ISAPS San Francisco 2010
  • DGPRAC / VDAPC Dresden 2010
  • Lodz 2009
  • The next generation New York 2009
  • DGPRAC / VDAPC Aachen 2009

Media Partnerships:

  • 5th SOS Symposium, Munich, Germany, 11/2015
  • ISAPS. Belgrade, Serbia, 10/2015
  • ESPRAS, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 10/2015
  • 5th Bozner Symposium of Plastic Surgery
  • 1st Internatinal Video Symposium, Hamburg, Germany, 11/2014
  • 1st Central European Congress of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, Warsaw, Poland, 10/2014
  • CCR EXPO, London, England 10/2014
  • F.A.C.E. 2 f@ce, Cannes, France 9/2014
  • EACMFS, Prague, Czech Republic 9/2014
  • SOS, Stuttgart, Deutschland 2-3/2014
  • CCR EXPO, London, England 2013
  • ISAPS, Cannes, France 9/2013
  • IPRAS Santiago de Chile 2013 

SOS 2015

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