Estheticon app. Time for doctors & Confidence for patients

Estheticon app means better communication and added convenience for you and your patients.

For doctors

Save time

Your patient coordinator can respond instead of you

Convenient communication

Patients can write whenever and you answer when you can

Direct line of communication

less formal and intrusive than phone or e-mail. Patients feel more comfortable shooting out a quick message whenever and wherever they are.

Keep an eye on your staff

Know how your staff responds do patient leads. Join the conversation when you choose

More reviews

Patients can upload reviews with pics straight onto the app

Answer questions in forums on the go

Better experience for your patients

More patient leads - more patient will write you since they see you are available

„I've been using the app since it came out. I do almost everything on my phone, so I'm always glad when there's an app available.“
DakovaCh DakovaCh Breast Augmentation – Implants

For patients

Stay logged in - Once and done

Find a doctor by treatment and area

Follow doctors to see their results, answers and reviews

See the latest news about doctors and treatments you follow

Read reviews and talk to real patients like you

Follow a treatment you want to know more about