Write a procedure description and raise your visibility

Want to raise your profile on Estheticon and build an expert image online? Create descriptions of procedures and build trust with Estheticon visitors.

Authoring procedure descriptions

As an authorial descriptions expert, you will be listed as the author of articles that Estheticon visitors read up on when they come to the portal to learn more about specific procedures. This author designation will be accompanied by photos of yourself which readers can follow right to your Estheticon profile. This means that every visitor who reads your description of a surgery will know that you are an expert in your field, which will enhance your reputation and increase trust in you.


As an active doctor with higher visibility on Estheticon, you'll evoke more confidence in patients and give them a stronger desire to ask you for a consultation.

How to Get Started

It's simple. Just choose the procedure that you want to describe (it's always better to write about procedures you specialize in), and then contact us. These can be procedures that have not appeared yet on the Estheticon portal, or they can be procedures that already exist, but that you would be able to desribe more effectively or comprehensively.

Structure of procedure description

The following rules apply:

Text must be unique and written by you (not to be copied from other websites), and must be designed exclusively for publication on the Estheticon portal.

The length of the description must be at least 6 000 characters (or 900 words) and include the following:

PEREX: Brief Summary

  • What is the procedure/ what does it accomplish?
  • Who is eligible for it?
  • What are its advantages and what results does it deliver?
  • Remember to keep this brief summary brief

The Body or Main Description

The body is a more comprehensive description of the procedure which is divided into the following sections that answer these specific questions:


  • Who is this procedure intended for?

Course of the Operation

  • What are the pre-surgery requirements, if any?
  • What are the details of the Procedure?
  • How long will the procedure last?
  • Is this a single procedure or does it require repeated doctor visits/procedures?

Recovery Time

  • How long is the patient's recovery time?
  • Will the patient experience any period of disability after the procedure?
  • Will there be any visible signs, marks, scars, etc. OOf the procedure afterward?
  • How long after the procedure will there be visible effects?


  • What problems may occur during or after the procedure?
  • What activities should the patient avoid doing?
  • Is there any knowledge you can give that may speed up healing time?


  • What factors would make it impossible for a person to undergo the procedure?

Summary and Conclusion

  • What are the advantages, disadvantages and risks of the surgery
  • Can you compare this procedure with another type of procedure that may provide the same results?


Visuals always help! Patients often respond best to visual aids for the procedures they are interested in. These visuals can be before/after photos, drawings or other images which show details of that procedure. Any images you can include would be welcome.

Sample description and contact


If you are Interested, please get in touch >> http://www.estheticon.com/contact

Educational Videos

Patient education is the best possible marketing for doctors. Just drop us a line to order your own video and we will produce and publish it according to your instructions. Take a look and see what an effective educational video could do for you.

Updated: 2016-09-23

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