Your cover photo has huge marketing potential. It can act as a wonderful supplement and tool to increase exposure for your brand, make yourself more visible, highlight the services you offer, and introduce your clinic staff. Your cover photo displays at the top of your profile, so it’s a great way to grab potential clients’ attention in just a few seconds and convince them to stick around.


Sample cover photo on clinic profile.

Don’t hesitate to make a good first impression, get creative, stand out from the competition, catch the eye, and emphasize your unique qualities.

Introduce your whole team

Your cover photo could show all the employees who make your clinic or office run smoothly: secretaries, receptionists, nurses, cosmetologists, and all the doctors. Seeing your staff helps patients feel closer to doctors and makes communication easier later on.

Important events

Are you celebrating your office’s 20th anniversary by any chance? Have you moved or expanded your offices? Won a prestigious award? Your cover photo can let current and future patients know about it. Advertise the important events and moments that make you proud.

Spread the news

Are you performing procedures using a new method your patients don’t know about yet? Has your range of services changed or expanded? Have you bought new equipment for performing esthetic procedures? Your cover photo can help you make patients aware of this information.

Logo serves the clinic

Your logo is part of your brand, a graphic depiction, a visual shorthand to help people remember you and depend on your quality. Would you like your logo to be more recognizable? Give it the attention it deserves on your cover photo and profile picture.

Background as portfolio

Use your background to present a portfolio of the most important procedures you perform at your office/clinic.

Beauty in simplicity

The message in your cover photo should be clear and visible. You don’t need a riot of colors and shapes. Remember that most users view websites on mobile devices that may not pick up on subtle details.

Profile and cover photo as a whole

Try to get your two images to work together as a whole. Your clinic logo could work wonderfully with a photo of all your doctors. The photo of your doctors would work well with a panoramic shot of your offices, a snapshot from the operating theatre, or a patient consultation or graphic depiction of your motto.

Set a goal

Your cover photo may have different purposes. Think about what is important for you right now. Don’t worry that your message might get stale. You can change your photo at any time.

Go for quality

Keep in mind that your cover photo is the shop window for your profile. Try to make it the best you can. It should have certain parameters and good resolution. Don’t hesitate to contact us. The managers at Estheticon will be happy to advise you.

Technical requirements

Your photo should be 1980 x 560 px, .jpg or .png, no more than 150 kB. Acceptable formats: .jpg, .png.

The image adapts to the screen resolution and window size where it displays. To see how it works, please watch this video >>

Price for this product

150 € / year

How to order?

Let your Estheticon manager know you are interested and send your photo to their email address with the subject heading: “Cover photo”

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Updated: 2017-07-10

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