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Dr. Maletić Ana Plastic surgery
Dr Osuch Clinic Plastic surgery
Dr Maurice Dray  
Dr. Kai Oliver Kaye Plastic surgery
Dr. Radmilo Roncevic Plastic surgery
Prof.Dr. Assaf Zeltzer M.D., PhD, FCCP Plastic surgery

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Estheticon, s.r.o.
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Praha 10
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Estheticon, s.r.o.
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We aren't doctors or surgeons, we are operators of this portal!

If you need to contact a doctor, you can find him on our LIST OF SURGEONS.  Information regarding prices can be found on the PRICE LIST.  This information is available on the HOMEPAGE OF THE PORTAL.

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Updated: 2019-12-06

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"Estheticon is both friendly and professional medicine community website. Friendly because they always give you more than you expect and with a good will, even offering you some new possibilities, and professional because they do it fast and with best possible outcome.
My result is visible through hundreds of patients more who visit not only my website, but professional activities and organizations that I belong to. That is how Estheticon is giving a scientific value to us plastic surgeons who are linked and benefit a lot from this successful company and its lovely management."

Prof. Miodrag Colic, M.D. PhD

Serbia - Beograd


"Estheticon provides a portal devoted to informing prospective patients make appropriate medical decisions whether it be in the fields of medical, surgical or cosmetic medicine. Most importantly, it aslo helps to reassure existing patients going through the recovery period deal with the uncertainties of the healing process.

Important questions may be asked to expert medical professionals, who answer honestly based on their experience and expertise. The people who have undergone these procedures, and have done the research beforehand, also provide their personal experiences and the reasons for their decisions.

Estheticon provides an inexpensive, honest, and helpful forum to obtain the advice one would practically get by going through the procedure yourself. When prospective patients come for a consultation they are already very knowledgeable because they have been on the estheticon. Participating actively or passively on Estheticon makes my job a lot easier since the patient is also involved in their care."

Dr. Carlos Cordoba

Canada - Montreal