Let’s keep it professional – Let’s get along.

1. Stay on topic

Always provide relevant information when contributing to discussions on a given subject. Your participation on www.healingcare.info and www.estheticon.com requires you and other users to be able to provide and share information solely related to the thematic focus of these portals. When submitting a question to be answered, remember that you must check previous discussion posts on the portal to see if your question has already been asked and answered. Questions that are off topic will be redirected to an appropriate discussion area or will be deleted. Duplicate queries will always be deleted.

2. Respect the administrator’s obligation to optimize content and keep things running smoothly

The administrator of the portal optimizes the discussion areas to allow for high-quality communication and transmission of information between you and other users. The administrator is entitled to edit the subject and content of any contribution to better serve the merit of the questions being asked. The administrator reserves the right (according to his or her sole discretion) to remove posts that violate the discussion rules. The same actions will apply to any contributions which are considered inappropriate for other applicable reasons.

3. Be respectful when sharing your opinions

Personal opinions and constructive criticisms of discussion posts, physicians or administrators can always be freely expressed on www.healingcare.info and www.estheticon.com. Curse words, threats or other verbal attacks will not be tolerated. If some letters of a curse word are replaced by other characters, or if there is a smiley face placed after something vulgarly written, this will still be considered a violation. Vulgarism with a smiley face is still vulgarism. We will immediately delete contributions containing any of these elements.
Users can share their individual experiences under each procedure category in the patients’ experiences (stories) section. Abuse will not be tolerated, whether it is intended to discredit competitors or not. We do not have the capacity to determine if the accusations are correct. It is of course possible to publish a negative experience. However, when mentioning a specific doctor or clinic, it is mandatory that the user provide proof related to their criticism. Proof could potentially come in the form of a contract, before and after photos of a procedure, and/or a statement from a doctor or clinic. In all other cases, the publication and editing of the contribution will be entirely at the discretion of the discussion administrator.

4. Keep your formatting clear

In order to keep the contributions clear and understandable, we recommend you use commas and apostrophes and structure text into paragraph format. We cannot tolerate writing in all capital letters; this gives the impression that you are shouting. If your writing style and speech are undesirable or incoherent, we will be forced to delete your contribution.

5. The languages that contributors use on Estheticon must be applied consistently to the appropriate language versions of Estheticon.

Estheticon has several language versions, but they don’t overlap. Replies to enquiries must be written in the language of each web page. On the German version (Estheticon.de), answers must be given in German; on the French version (Estheticon.fr), answers must be given in French, etc.

6. We protect your privacy – Make sure you protect yourself too

We recommend that all personal information in discussions be kept to a minimum. Inserting email addresses, phone numbers, specimen signatures or other contact information could compromise your personal security. Any person who inserts any kind of contact information into the discussion forums is also confirming that they are aware of all potential risks associated with such actions. All personal information that you provide to us in the process of registration will be treated in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data.

7. Don’t misuse the discussion area for commercial purposes without authorization

Discussions on www.healingcare.info and www.estheticon.com are not intended to promote offers, specific persons or business organizations, nor are they intended to act as mediums for the transfer of private messages. Contributions of commercial character and all contributions showing any hidden commercial character will be unceremoniously deleted. For communication of private messages or commercial information, you must use communication tools other than the discussion areas. An exception for commercial communications is granted to clients of either portal who are entitled to insert such contributions.

Contributions that have the character of spam (repetitive information addressed to different new threads, to different people, but with the same content) and/or have hate posts that are spreading purely negative messages will be deleted in violation of the portal's rules. The user of this content will be notified. The IP address will be reported once that he/she violates the rules. If his/her profile is no longer respecting portal´s rules, his or her profile will be deleted without notification.  

8. We don’t like to enforce the consequences, but we will

Infringement of the discussion rules will force us to block the user’s address, take away the option to insert contributions and – in extreme cases – take legal action in accordance with the commercial code.

9. You must consent to these provisions in order to participate

It is within the rules of your registration that you consent to allow the company Estheticon, s.r.o. and its subsidiaries to send newsletter and periodic information about news and changes in the discussion forums that you participate in. We always proceed in accordance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll. on information services.

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Updated: 2019-02-11

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