Aquafilling in the breasts: looking for a surgeon

Aquafilling in the breasts: looking for a surgeon

Miss Santos  |  visitor
Hello there,

I am interested in having Aquafilling and would like to know the maximum i can have in each breast? Also what the final price would be?

I am a UK national, so this would involve me travelling for the procedure.

I would be looking at coming along in July for it.

Could doctors that perform Aquafilling leave me information regarding what you offer and also contact details about please.

Kind Regards.
Mathewsteve  |  visitor  |  Texas
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You can go for good and reputated hospital like Fortis Hospital. Their you can get the best information about what you atre looking for.
Dr. Mario Alfonso González Cepeda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Cancun
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hello Miss Santos,
this procedure is not recommended. There are many horror stories of women injecting things into their breasts that get complications after the procedure such s lumps o the breast and some other related to cancer. The results can be disastrous with a significant risk of very serious infections and even death. DO NOT DO IT!!!
As plastic surgeons we seek new innovative technologies which can avoid major surgical procedures. But, massive volume injections of fillers seem to have a rate of complications that are unacceptable. Migration, entering the blood supply, and toxicity, can cause serious problems.
if you are looking to have your breast in a bigger size i do recommend for my experience the safest way to do it that is get breast augmentation with implants of silicone gel due to they have lifetimewarranty and the risk of rupture and migration to your body is none.
if you want to get more informatio about the proceure that i have several years of experience on please send an email to my patient coordinatorans she will help you to clear all your doubts.
Clinica Prestige Medical  |  Basic member  |  Bucharest
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Dear Miss Santos,
Aquafilling intervention is safe and easy to handle for the patient (no gull anesthesy, no scars, no recovery time).
However, each doctor has it's own protocol and regarding your question about maximum quantity to inject, this you will discuss with the doctor during the consultation

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