aquafillig faceline

aquafillig faceline

kefir  |  visitor  |  Wielkopolskie
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can aquafilling faceline which is 2 or 3 % poliamid, be dissolved with anything? Please let me know. I will be really gratefull
Clinica Prestige Medical  |  Basic member  |  Bucharest
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Hello Kefir,
As far as we know, aquafilling cand be removed just surgically from face. Could you tell us what happened? why do you want it removed? could you send us some pictures? maybe there are other ways to solve any issue that you might have
kefir  |  visitor  |  Auckland
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i have a couple of bumps on my lips, they cover part of my tooth. i wonder if permalip would help as it may mopve it and change the angle so it doesn't cover the lips. the doctor first lied to me saying it's just saline then she opretended that she is dissolving it also with saline. she also mixed it with another product. I am considering sueing her for this as she gave me complete;ly wrong information and told me there are no side effects!

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kefir 2018-07-26
I can't decide

I had the product injected in Poland, Seems like they have all the certificats and wonder how they got it, probably because they claim it's mainly water. th doctor who injected it in my lips and under my eyes wrote to me... More 

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