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Discussion topics - Botox®/Dysport® - Smoothing out the wrinkles

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My fillers have reacted to a vaccination and now my face is different and I do not know what to do.  0 2021-09-14
What is the best way to treat Wrinkles?  0 2021-09-14
Ideas to improve tired face  4 2021-09-03
The corrugator muscles in my forehead are visible and I don t know what to do!  13 2021-09-02
Botox and its price per unit and per filler per syringe  7 2021-03-01
Cost of botox in Marbella  6 2021-02-17
How long after the application is the effect of Botox visible?   POPULAR  18 2021-02-12
Permanent Wrinkles Filler  7 2020-11-29
I can no longer furrow my brows 4 days after a botox smoothing  10 2017-11-24
How often does Botox need to be reapplied to maintain its effect?   POPULAR  18 2017-10-13
Botox and antibiotics   POPULAR  11 2014-04-22
Does Botox hurt?   POPULAR  22 2014-04-22
Will my wrinkles come back worse after Botox?  30 2014-03-22
Botox lip augmentation  POPULAR  17 2014-03-22
How much would I expect to pay for botox in Tenerife?  9 2014-01-10
Botox: washing hair & face apply moisturizer after 90 units on 4 pts  8 2014-01-10
At what age is the Botox application possible?   POPULAR  29 2013-11-10
What is the price of one Botox application?   POPULAR  20 2013-04-29
What restrictions and regimen should be followed after the Botox application?   POPULAR  8 2012-08-19

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