My fillers have reacted to a vaccination and now my face is different and I do not know what to do.

My fillers have reacted to a vaccination and now my face is different and I do not know what to do.

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Hi everyone. I have had half a syringe of voluma in each mid cheek and half a syringe of restylane under each eye for years now (Got it done 5 years ago and up until recently 50% of it was still left).

Anyway, I got a vaccination for the covid virus, and the night of my vaccination, the filler in each of my cheeks swelled slightly, got hot, and also felt tight.

Two days later, I realized the usual places I can feel my fillers, no longer could I feel them. I called my surgeon from years ago, and he said certain other patients of his had the same reaction (meaning some patients who get vaccines, end up having not just an inflammatory reaction to the filler, but the inflammatory reaction actually DEGRADES the filler too in some cases).

Well, luckily I take selfies all the time, and I was able to capture a before vaccination photo, and an after.

The things I notice are basically the fact that my midface is much flatter due to the fact the vaccination reaction caused most of that left over filler to degrade. But ALSO, I noticed for some reason my left jawline (left in the photo), is my more sharp and angular, rather than rounded like in my before photo.

Is it possible for degraded filler to also migrate? I am really trying to figure this all out. Thanks for your time everyone. I am just trying to figure out exactly why my face looks so different after the reaction I had, especially my jawline.

I feel that I look much older now due to this (I am 29 and generally have looked fairly young for my age in my opinion until this happened. i do not know what to do. can anyone see what I am talking about in the photos though?)

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