Prices for botox injections

Prices for botox injections

lotus  |  visitor
Hello I like to know the prices for botox please.
Dr. Maletić Ana  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Daruvar, Zagreb
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In our Clinic price for 50 i.u. Botox is 270 euros, and for 100 i.u. 470 euros. Number of botulinum toxin units depends on your face anathomy. If you want for example Botox for forehead and glabella region it is mostly enough 50 i.u.

You are welcome in Croatia in Poliklinika Maletić
Best regards,
Dr. Ana Maletić Peter Dana  |  Basic member  |  General Practice for adults  |  Alicante
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The price of Botox range is 200-450 Euros.


Marbella & Alicante
Dr Pierre-Alain Mayeux  |  Basic member  |  Morphological and Anti-aging medicine  |  Paris
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For a complete treatment in Paris it's betwin 350 and 450 euros.
Best regards

Maysa  |  visitor  |  Alberta
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I'm coming on Christmas holiday to paris from canada, so need to know how much cost of filling around the mouth and 50units of botox around eyes?

Reply to Maysa

Maysa  |  visitor  |  Alberta
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Dr. med. univ. Gregor Huschek  |  Basic member  |  Hamburg
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If you just want to buy botox, contact one of the leading companies. If you are looking for a professional treatment, the price will depend on the complexity of your aesthetic aims, the experience of the treating specialist and the question, if a touch up, that will complete the treatment, already is included in the price.

Best regards from Hamburg, Gregor Huschek
Prim. dr. sc. Davor Džepina  |  Premium member  |  Additional Qualification Plastic Surgery  |  Zagreb
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Crow's feet (around eyes) 150 EUR, brow & forehead 200 EUR.
Dr Nicolaos Hatzipieras  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Athens
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Botox can be a sophisticated and very personalized treatment. It gives a lots of possibilities to the doctor and can alter or change your look or expression. With the write knowledge and according you YOUR desirable result, it is a powerful tool. It lasts 6 months!
So you should not focus on small price differences or have it done in a "botox shop".
Choose your doctor and discuss the price with him.
Any area or type of botox treatment cannot cost less than 150e.
Thank you
Dr Kwasi Debra MD MBA  |  Basic member  |  Accra
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At the Center for Cosmetic Surgery Ghana we charge by the area. Forehead costs $600 Any additional area at same treatment costs $300. eg Crow's feet. or Glabella
Dr Olivier Spitz  |  Basic member  |  Clinical Biochemistry  |  Paris
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The prices can be found on my site I charge per zone and the touch up is free.
Eg brow lines 140€.
MD Selim Hacet  |  Basic member  |  Anesthesiology and Resuscitation  |  Istanbul
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Depending to the face anatomy changes between 200-400 euros
Dr. Iulian Balan  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Istanbul
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The price depends on the region and number of units. So it can vary from 200 to 400 euro. You are welcome!
Centru Medical Dr. Mihalceanu  |  Basic member  |  Timisoara
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In our clinic price is depending on the dose used (botulinum toxin treatment is customized according to the needs of the patient). Average price is: for crow's feet 100 euros, glabela 100 euros and forehead 50 euros.
Adeline  |  visitor  |  Chandigarh
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Normally Botox costs about $12-15 per unit. The total charges for a Botox based procedure depends on the extent it is used.
Mathewsteve  |  visitor  |  Texas
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When Botox is injected, it is priced two different ways: By the vial or unit ($12 per unit, $15 per vial) By the area, such as the area between the eyes, where frown lines are often treated with Botox ($450 — $800 for an area)
Dr Karthik Ram  |  Basic member  |  Chennai
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Hi lotus,
At our centre chennai plastic surgery, the charge is around 350INR.
Dr Nello Rossi MD  |  Basic member  |  Internal Medicine  |  Phoenix
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The price of Botox injection treatments depend on where it will be injection, the complexity of the procedure, and the amount of Botox desired. However, there are some "average" prices in the cosmetic industry.

Most dermatologist specialists will charge anywhere from $450 to $800 for Botox treatment for areas between the eyebrows and for crows feet lines.

I would recommend researching and speaking with a number of aesthetic medicine specialists and professionals in order to find the most high-qualified option for the most cost-efficient price. Also consider past work and reviews of each candidate you are considering.
Dr. Omar Fouda Neel  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Montreal, Laval
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Thank you for your inquiry. Botox fees in Montreal Quebec Canada vary between $10-$15. The average amount of units for botox injections will vary according to your muscle activity.

You are always welcome in Montreal Canada,

Dr. Omar Fouda Neel  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Montreal, Laval
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At my clinic in Montreal Quebec Canada we charge $15/unit +taxes. Prices will vary according to location and surgeon. Be sure to always choose board certified plastic surgeon.
MeryBott  |  visitor  |  New York
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Here is some information from the prices I am used to having: Total $159 20 units Botox
(up to 60 units for 3 areas)
ethanscott  |  visitor  |  Maharashtra
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It depends as to where you want to use the botox
For example, nowadays botox is being used in places other than the spine to treat any kind of stiffness that exists in the muscles so I am sure that the concentration of the injection would also vary maybe not greatly but slightly.
In my case, I had gotten botox in cheeks and back then it cost me around $300 or so.
It also depends on the kind of treatment and the place where you are at.
It depends on the doctors too for that matter as to what they charge for the procedure.
Botox is repeatedly injected at some regions of the body which is when the price varies again.
ethanscott  |  visitor  |  Maharashtra
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Here is where I got my procedure done from:
joshuamiller7602  |  visitor  |  Virginia
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Hi dear,
The price of botox i vary according to country, But it is quite expensive. I can give you the basic information about botox like 'Botox Types, Uses, Application, Side Effects, Products & FAQs'. I have found this information at zovon.

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