The corrugator muscles in my forehead are visible and I don t know what to do!

The corrugator muscles in my forehead are visible and I don t know what to do!

eve432  |  visitor  |  Lazio
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As you can see, my problem is not my wrinkles. The muscles in my forehead are very prominent and I don't understand why. The pictures show my relaxed face. I often get headaches. I've consulted with various doctors - including my father - and they all said that Botox would help relax the muscles. I don't want to do Botox!

So I have three questions:
1) what is this condition called? I haven't been able to find anything on the internet that matches my problem
2) could a more natural solution - like massage or muscle relaxing pills - help?
3) if Botox is in fact the best solution, is the treatment the same as when correcting wrinkles?

Thank you for your advice!
Caraps MEDLine  |  Basic member  |  Tbilisi
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You have two options to treat:
1) Botox
2) Surgical (endoscopic) excision
Dr Jacques Buis  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Paris
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The only way is to use Botox because what you have is the effect of Corrugator muscles contraction.
So the Botox will do diagnosis and treatment.
Dr Olivier Spitz  |  Basic member  |  Clinical Biochemistry  |  Paris
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As you described it, you have a permanent contracture of your corrugator muscles. With such a training, they have become hypertrophic.
The botulinum toxin (Botox) will not only relieve the contracture, giving a satisfying quick result but will also reduce the volume of the muscles if regular injections are made.
The dose of toxin for the first injection should be the same the dose used for the wrinkle treatment and adjusted subsequently.
Professor Mohsen B Kashkouli MD  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Tehran
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Botox injection is the most common and feasible way of improving the frown lines, even though surgical endoscopic approach could be considered when there is a forehead /eyebrow ptosis simultaneously.
Centru Medical Dr. Mihalceanu  |  Basic member  |  Timisoara
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Your problem is not a pathological condition. The corrugator muscle is only hypertrophied because you often frown (undesigned). In my opinion botulinicum toxin is the best solution because this blocks muscle contraction and after several sessions of treatment, reduce also the muscle hypertrophy. In addition, this treatment has less risk than the surgical version. Treatment is done the same as wrinkles treatment.
eve432  |  visitor  |  Lazio
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Thank you all for time you've taken to answer my question. Is the treatment for this muscle condition the same as the treatment for wrinkles? Would the needle be inserted into the same place, would the same amount of toxin be used?
Dr Pierre-Alain Mayeux  |  Basic member  |  Morphological and Anti-aging medicine  |  Paris
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Yes the Botox is the best way to treat your problem.
There is no obligation to treat the whole upper third of the face!
We can treat only your corrugators.
The injections points will be the same than the wrinkle treatment, because we want to treat the muscles as well.
Have a good day!
Best regards

4 avenue Marceau
75008 Paris
Dr. Serban Porumb  |  Basic member  |  Oradea
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I think you should try botulinum toxin, Dysport, first , and if you like you may continue to use or think at a later date for endoscopic partial resection of corrugator muscles. Don't be afraid of botox, as if you don't like it, the pre-existing condition will come back as before, so it's a temporary and reversible treatment. Of course you may address only frown lines (corrugator muscles) and not the whole forehead.
eve432  |  visitor  |  Lazio
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Thank you so much for your responses, everyone. I have a couple more questions:

1) My eyes are quite deep-set. Am I more at risk for developing ptsosis?
2) Is there any test to determine whether or not a patient has a Botox allergy before they have the treatment?
Lek. med. Agata Selwa  |  Basic member  |  Internal Medicine  |  Kraków
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1) No, ptosis is dependent mainly on injection technique.
2) No tests are needed because Botox allergy is extremly rare. Small amount can be injected intradermally into forearm before the treatment, if there are no signs of allergy the treatment may be done on the same day. However, I conduct such a test only in extreme allergy sufferers and I have never seen this allergy.
Dr Nathalie Fournier  |  Basic member  |  Dermatovenerology  |  Jeddah
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The proeminence of corrugators in young people can be improved by botulinum toxin injections in specific points. My advice is to to a specialist on toxin in your town. Dr nathalie Fournier dermatologist aesthetic
oliviathomas  |  visitor  |  Florida
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Use botox
Botox is the best way to treat wrinkles.
lee21  |  visitor  |  Littoral
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Try using Botox follow this link **************************

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