Will my wrinkles come back worse after Botox?

Will my wrinkles come back worse after Botox?

KarenEngland  |  visitor  |  London, City of
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I've been thinking about getting Botox for a while now and understand that treatments should be repeated every 3-4 months.

What I want to know is that if I decide that I don't like Botox after the first time or after the 10th time, can I stop and my wrinkles won't come back worse? I don't want to look good for 2 years to then look bad for the next 30.
Prof.Dr. M. Adnan Uzunismail  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Istanbul
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Of course
Dr. André Hazan  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
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Hi Karen England

Botoxi is a very safe Cosmetic support for dynamic wrinkles.

Our patients come back 4 -6 months and anothers 8 months after to apply again.

If you don´t like( I don´t believe if you have nice indication and natural applying/good Doctor for this), don´t worry...the muscles come back like before, maybe less force... Ideal Doctor knows too well the facial muscles to apply naturally and well.

Warmest regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, with respects

Doc André Hazan

Dr. Alfredo Harris Dominguez  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Tijuana
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Hello Karen,

Wrinkles will came back as the course of nature takes over, stopping Botox applications does not make them worse.
Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Berlin
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The wrinckel will not negatively be influenced by this procedure. You can try Botox as many times as you want if you do not like it just stop the injections without any negative side effects on your look.

Nektarios Sinis

lek. med. Jacek Ściborowicz - MediVita  |  Basic member  |  Tarnów
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Dear Karen
You can do it , do not be afraid
It is possible that botox will be working next up 3or even 6 months
Your wrinkles do not come back worse becouse your muscules of forehead will relax and become thinner
Best regards
MD Jacek Ściborowicz
Prof. Dr. med. habil. Ralf-Thomas Michel  |  Basic member  |  Gynecology and Obstetrics  |  Groß-Umstadt, Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach am Main, Erbach
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Hello Karen,the normal treatment intervals with Botox are 5-7 month,not 3-4 month,with longer intervals in the future treatments.Botox treatments will not result in worse wrinkless when you finally stop the treatments.
Best wishes and a successful result
Prof.Dr.Ralf Thomas Michel
Esthé Laser Clinic  |  Basic member  |  Prague
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Dear Karen,
don´t worry. Botulotoxine inhibits muscle contraction, but if You finish with the treatment, wrinckles will appear in some time again, but won´t be worse than before the first application.
Have a nice day,
BR Dr.Kubátová
KarenEngland  |  visitor  |  London, City of
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I'd like to thank everyone for their responses (although I don't know how to do that unless I do it individual, so I've chosen the bottom comment)

I feel a lot more inclined to go for Botox now, knowing that I am not stuck with getting it for the rest of my life if I do not want to.
Dr Maghnam Ayed Shahateet M.D.FRCS Frcs  |  Basic member  |  Amman
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the effect of botox injection will last fo around 4 to 6 months,after which the wrinkles appear again but not worse,it might be less than before treatment. regards.
KarenEngland  |  visitor  |  London, City of
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I have now had a chat with the people at the Royal Tunbridge Wells Skin & Laser Clinicabout Botox and I think I'm now happy to go ahead with it very soon. Help from them can be found here http://www.skinlc.co.uk/botox.php?pp=32&tp=33 if anyone is in the Kent area
Dr. Antonio Castellanos Barroso  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Mexico City
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Dear Karen,
YoU must remenber that time determines the appearance of facial wrinkles, SOME INFLUENCE by LACK OF DEEP tissue hydration and sometimes because the facial muscles mark the lines, you can get BOTOX ten years or more without any problem, BUT DO NOT FORGET that an AGING PROCESS in your face is only a matter of time,this will resolved in other ways as applying hyaluronic acid fillers or facial lipoinyection,I considered that you NEED A PERSONAL INTERVIEW WITH A PLASTIC SURGEON in your City,you STILL have many doubts
RyanHenry  |  visitor  |  Wisconsin
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I was curious about this as well. I found some good information from a local cosmetic surgeon specializing in Botox in Green Bay, Wisconsin. http://www.advancedcosmeticsolutions.com/

Reply to RyanHenry

Dr. Serban Porumb  |  Basic member  |  Oradea
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No they won't. but of course if you do it for 10-15 years, don't expect your face will come back as it was 10- 15 years ago. Botox just relaxes the muscles so makes wrinkles less prominent, but no way that botox stops or slows the aging process. Conclusion: you may do Botox safely, it will just make you look younger by erasing the wrinkles , but won't stop or slow you from aging.
M.D. Natasa Popovic  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery
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Botox should be repeated after 9 months.Your wrinkles will not be worse because your muscles become weak and less visible wrinkles on the forehead.
Dr Michel Bernard  |  Basic member  |  Dermatovenerology  |  Brussels
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no you won't look worse when you'll stop botox at all !
btw : the period botox will work will be 4 month at the first injection .. but then little by little, if you keep injecting as soon as the muscle is active again, it will increase up to 10 months
bests regards
EllenLeigh  |  visitor  |  Cluj
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You can relax and not worry anymore. Botox treatment repetition is done according to your skin and its properties to age, which is mostly set in your genes. But your wrinkles will definitely NOT get worse, especially if the procedure is performed by fully qualified and experienced practitioners. I would recommnend a prior consultation so the specialist can analyze your skin type. Furthermore, with every repeated Botox treatment, the results will last for longer periods of time. I can recommnend Botox at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, they have branches all over England, just go on their website and find out everything you need to know about Botox. Plus, if you decide to go through with the Botox treatment, the consultation is free of charge! Cheers!
Dra. Maria Cristina Picon MD  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Buenos Aires
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Not impossible.
Prof. Dr. med. habil. Ralf-Thomas Michel  |  Basic member  |  Gynecology and Obstetrics  |  Groß-Umstadt, Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach am Main, Erbach
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Hello Karen England,
first,normally Botox must be repeated every 6 month.If you stop the series wrinkles will come back again but not worse.
Regards Prof Dr Ralf Thomas Michel
uzma  |  visitor  |  Islamabad
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Botox is one of the cosmetic procedure i am sure its good for wrinkles.
Dr. med. Holger Osthus  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Stuttgart, Böblingen
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It is the time that makes wrinkles worse, not the treatment with Botulinumtoxin.
Dr. Holger Osthus - Plastic surgeon - Stuttgart, Germany
Dr. Gerardo Rafael Manuell Lee  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Mexico City
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Hi Uzma

Botox or botulinum toxin it is very good for active wrinkles
Mica  |  visitor  |  Victoria
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Hi I'm going overseas in 2 months and I would like to have Botox done I'm staying for 6 weeks when should I have Botox done before my trip so all brushing has gone .thanks for any advise
Professor Dr. Adel Wilson MD, FRCS  |  Basic member  |  Fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery  |  Cairo
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2-3 days is just fine ...any bruising or redness should have gone by then.
Klinika estetické medicíny Petra Clinic  |  Basic member  |  Prague, Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary)
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Petra Clinic in Prague, Czech Republic can offer you botox, hyaluron acid etc. Can you come for consultation with doctor?

Have a nice day
Petra Řehořková
Petra Clinic
Dr. Carlos González Legarda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Bogotá
  • 373 answers
Hi Mica.
Usually brushing after Botox is just for one day.
But if you make an echimosis, it will last for about 2 weeks. (But that is rarely)
Mica  |  visitor  |  Victoria
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Thank you that's great to know .

Reply to Mica

Dra. Maria Cristina Picon MD  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Buenos Aires
  • 210 answers
No, never, your wrinkles back to how they were before.
No, nunca, sus arrugas volvieron a ser, como eran antes.
Dr. Denian Clinic  |  Basic member  |  Amman
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Actually, when the BTX effect is subsided (4-10 months), the wrinkles will be a step better than before, meanwhile you already aged about a year older :) , therefore it will looks like it was almost before BTX. To make it much better outcome, we practice in a new strategy, starting from the third weeks after your BTX injection we start a serial of 3-5 "PRP - PRF preparations and injections" per year, this Platelets Rich Plasma And Filler will stimulate and truly rebuild your skin within the new relaxed (non wrinkled status). Best Regards.
AESTHETICA Constanta  |  Basic member  |  Constanta
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You can be sure that you will like very much the result after the first treatment so you donțt have to think about the rest :) Botox treatment doesn't have side effect in time, if you stop it you look younger than if you didnțt do the treatment even if you stop the injections so you don't have to worry at all! Just try it and you'll see by yourself, there are no downsides!!
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Botox is certainly a temporary solution for your wrinkles and you need to repeat that after a variable period of time, usually after a few months. In a number of cases, Botox can actually aggravate the situation via repeated nerve, muscle and dermal damage, and often we have seen pitted scars when higher concentrations of Botox have been used. All this can aggravate aging in the long run. Therefore, we recommend a permanent solution for patients who don't want repeated injections.

You can have Goretex or Khawaja's Fillers or Khawaja's Transcutaneous Face lift, Khawaja's Thread Face Lift, Khawaja's Simple S-Lift or Khawaja's Delta Lift. These simplified face lifts are the trend of the new millennium. With the recent discovery of SMAFS ( Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic Fatty System ) by Dr.Khawaja and the additional discoveries of Facial Nerve Branch Variations and Khawaja's Communicating Nerves, newly simplified and minimally invasive face lift techniques pioneered by Dr.Khawaja, Face Lift surgery has undergone a reniassance and safest and excellent long lasting results of face lifts are now possible with minimal or no complications.

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