Fat transfer bbl and abdominoplasty

Fat transfer bbl and abdominoplasty

Beez  |  visitor  |  Georgia
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Im looking for a doctor thats has reviews and pictures that can give me the flat rummy and big butt i want for my 4500 budget am ready to travel immediately preferably Colombia or Dominican Republican offices but open to others if u have pictures and reviews
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore Stockholm
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Dear Beez,
We are based at Lahore, Pakistan, and we will be very happy to receive you. We can give you an excellent flat tummy and a big butt. We have decades of experience in liposuction, fat transfer and Brazalian Butt Lift. Dr.H.A.Khawaja, our plastic surgeon has 237 international publications and more than 150 book chapters published in leading cosmetic surgery books. We pioneered the Modified Brazalian Butt Lift technique, which has been published in Spanish. It would be best to search online our articles and book chapters on lipoisuction, fat transfer and brazalian butt lift. With Best Wishes!

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Hhhhhh 2016-11-29
It's worth it

I had my BBL 4 weeks ago and so far I'm very happy with my result. My figure is very different and I feel more confident. My waist is much smaller and I have a bottom and hips for the first time in my life :) My experie... More 

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