I need a BBL in Turkey or any other good country

I need a BBL in Turkey or any other good country

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I want to get a Brazilian Butt Lift revision, preferably in Turkey, or any recommended country as long as the doctor can confidently reconstruct my body.

I was unfortunately left with fibrosis in the abdomen and fat necrosis (dead hardened fat) in one of my butt cheeks. I also have laterals because the surgeon added too much upper projection in my butt and so my butt doesn't have a downwards slope which I desire.

I heard that I need a special liposuction (such as J Plasma) to remove the fibrosis in my abdomen. I also heard that I remove the fat necrosis with liposuction and replace the area with new fat taken from other areas of my body to prevent dents/dips.

These are the amendments that I want: removal of fibrosis, removal of fat necrosis, removal of laterals, removal of back rolls, removal of bulges.

Note: I have inserted pictures of what I look like on the left, and edited versions of what I want to look like. I have also included the same pictures with annotations in case you can't see the areas I have edited.

Hope this helps and I hope to hear back from someone.
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Hi There

Thanks for haring your request and pictures.

First of all we nedd to know when you had done yor BBL last time Imean how long are you post op. ?

Then we can give you our consey result.

Just very small itroduction I want to give you about our center:

We have totally 8 surgeons in our center and all are well experienced with good reviews and results. Your surgery will be done by associated profeesor but first of all we will have consultation with all our surgeons and they decide abut your surgery and who is the best well experienced one in that field will perform your surgery.

Best Regards
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We can do exactly as you are looking for. We have considerable experience with BBL and we have international publications regarding BBL. Your abdomen will require a touch up, fat necrosis in one of your butt cheeks will be removed and replaced with new fat, removal of laterals, back rolls and bulges will be carried out exactly as you desire. Your cost will be 2000 British Pounds ( includes everything ). You will be able to fly back home, the very next day if you wish. We can provide you pick and drop from the airport and overnight stay with no extra charges. You can contact us through our Facebook page CSSC International + or our profile Cosm Surg through messenger or WhatsApp.
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Please also note currently we are based at Lahore, Pakistan and we can operate you at CSSC International +, at Lahore. If you have any more questions, please contact us on WhatsApp or facebook messenger.

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