Is EVL expansion vibration lipofilling recommended?

Is EVL expansion vibration lipofilling recommended?

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Hello, one more question. I found a doctor who does bbl with EVL method, if i understand right, together with power assisted liposuction. Is that recommend and safe? Thank you!
Dr. Alexander T. Hamers  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Málaga Köln, Bergisch Gladbach
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Dear Breadpuding, EVL (expansion vibration lipofilling) is the method of transferring the fat into to the body, in this case buttocks via a vibration cannula like it can be used for power assisted liposuction. This is a safer method to transfer larger volumes of fat just in the subcutaneous tissue of the buttock. So no fat is transferred into the buttock muscle, since there is more risks of fat embolism injecting into the muscle.

Whether power assisted liposuction is used as well for the liposuction, depends, I prefer to do a water jet assisted liposuction since I believe the fat quality is better doing so.

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Breadpudding  |  visitor  |  Lazio
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Thank you! I sent you a request over your website, hoping to schedule a consultation.
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Yes it’s recommended and safe

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