Looking to have a BBL

Looking to have a BBL

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hello i'm looking for a doctor in my area to do my BBL SOME ONE WHO DOES GREAT WORK AND DOESN'T CHARGE A ARM ND A LEG.
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Hi There

We are based in Turkey. We are performing all plastic and aesthetic surgeries. All of our surgeons are well experienced with good reviews. If you are interested will be delighted to keep in touch with you.
For giving you our doctors advices we will need your photos to have consultation with surgeons and get back to you with full information and aswer your all questions if you have any.

Best Regards
Head Assistant
Worldwide International Aesthetic
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We are based at Lahore, Pakistan. We have decades of experience with BBL and international publications also in this regard. Your cost can be from two thousand to three thousand British Pounds, depending on your requirement. You can fly back home on the 2nd or 3rd day of surgery. You can contact us directly through our facebook page CSSC International + or our profile Cosm Surg or through WhatsApp. We can provide you pick and drop from the airport, overnight stay and meals at no extra cost.
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Please note there is a discount of 1000 USD on BBL till 10th Feb, 2020. The cost is only 2000 USD. We can extend the discount date, if you will be late and coming from abroad.

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