What is power assisted liposuction? Is it safe for BBL?

What is power assisted liposuction? Is it safe for BBL?

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Hello, i have a question. What is power assisted liposuction? Im looking into bbl and found a doctor who is very proud of using this technique. Is that safe? Im really scared of surgery and want to find the safest method.. thanks for your replies
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Hi dear

For fat transfer to breasts or buttocks area we have to do traditional liposuction with supporting by waterjet to save fat cells that we extract from your body. If we do vaser or laser liposuction the fat cells will destroy and we cannot save them.

Normally in our center we do firstly traditional liposuction with supporting by waterjet and then pass to vaser and laser liposuction for body shaping. Because laser makes your skin thighter.

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We do not recommend power assisted liposuction or laser for BBL. This is going to destroy fat cells. We use the Khawajas Quick Fat Transfer for BBL. Khawajas Scarless Buttock Lift can be performed simultaneously with Quick Fat Transfer to achieve more lift ( Modified Brazalian Buttock Lift )

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