Breast Augementation In Murcia/Valencia region of Spain,

Breast Augementation In Murcia/Valencia region of Spain,

Linda00  |  visitor  |  Murcia
Breast Augementation In Murcia/Valencia region of Spain, what can I expect to pay , I had a reduction many years ago about 20 and was left with large fat flaps under my arm pits, I now want larger firmer breasts and want to know by making them bigger will it remove those horrible flaps.
Dr Mohamed Wahba  |  Basic member  |  Cairo
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can u send me your pics to help u?
Dr Robert El Haddad  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Paris
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Good morning
Can you send pictures frontal views,3/4 and profile views.You can send them in private if you prefer on my e-mail.
Sincerely yours
Annika  |  Moderator
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Hello Linda00,

may I ask you what kind of implants you have? Obviously the breast implants walked a long way and there are multiple possibilities and criteria that we have now days. Maybe you actively do sport and you want something light or you want a nice, full form. Did you think about a breast implants mark, besides getting rid of the flaps?

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