Breast augmentation with Moderate or high profile implants?

Breast augmentation with Moderate or high profile implants?

shannon plunkett  |  visitor  |  Ontario
5’3 105 lbs 44 years very petite build three children. I am struggling with either going with moderate and high profile implants. Surgeon gave me 6 to choose from which is below. Originally was going to go with 310 cc but now thinking maybe go up to high profile. I don’t want them to look too big for my body but want full looking and get the fullness at top of breast. Any feedback would be great.
275 ssm
295 ssm
310 ssm
335 ssf
345 ssf
365 ssf
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Hi, generally in middle aged women, with children, we recommend moderate profile and high profile for more younger girls. If your breasts are not too much saggy, 300-350cc textured moderate profile implants, inserted behind the muscles, would be suitable for you. However, if your breasts are a bit more saggy, and you are looking for more forward projection with more fullness in upper parts of your breasts, then we recommend upto 360-380cc smooth, round high profile or even ultra high profile implants. In the end, the choice is certainly yours. All the Best!

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