Breast Procedure

Breast Procedure

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Hi, I am going to have breast augmentation next month and visited the surgeon today. My cup size is C, i'm in my early 30s and have some sagging. Right now my breasts aren't that sagged, but they will over time and they can definitely be improved. I've been a little unsure about implants so my starting position was breast lift - that however comes with more scars (a vertical one beneath the areola) as opposed to one for implants which is under the boobs. But the doctor said I can go for implants, and have a minor augmentation with a 250cc implant.

I'm not sure about this because I dont wanna to change the my original tear drop shape to what could be look like two balls on my chest. The doctor says it wont look like that. Second its a foreign object inside. I dont know how that feels and then Ive heard it could also increase chances of cancer. My surgeon says, that is very rare.

Just want genuine opinion from this forum from experts as well as those who have been had same considerations and took a decision. no sure if i should go for implants or go for lift or not do anything at all at this point.

Happy to share photos.
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We are the pioneers of Scarless Breast Lift, which can be an excellent option in your case. You can have permanent breast lift, without scars, and avoid breast implants. It is done in local anesthesia with no visible stitches and is walk in walk out surgery. There are no complications. Results are highly desirable.

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