Stitching pain on the scar when lying down

Stitching pain on the scar when lying down

Yana  |  visitor  |  Baden-Württemberg
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Hello everybody :-) I am now exactly 7 days after surgery, maybe shortly before my key data: Starting position, small A, received 315cc Motiva Ergonomix UBM over the underbust crease. I have no more chest pain, apart from the occasional pulling. However, for 2-3 days, a very unpleasant sharp pain in the area of ​​the right scar, mainly when lying down. Unfortunately, slightly lifting the support bra does not help. The pain usually subsides slowly after about 15 minutes. But then notice that my chest feels numb than usual when sitting / standing. Have any of you already had problems like this? Should I be worried? Unfortunately I didn't find anything about it on the Internet. Maybe somebody can help me :-) Kind regards IY (Translated to English, original version below) Hallo zusammen :-) Ich bin nun genau 7 Tage Post OP, vielleicht kurz vor ab meine Eckdaten: Ausgangslage kleines A, habe 315cc Motiva Ergonomix UBM bekommen über die Unterbrustfalte. Ich habe bis auf hin und wieder ein Ziehen keine Schmerzen mehr in der Brust. Allerdings nun seit 2-3 Tagen hauptsächlich im Liegen einen sehr unangenehmen stechenden Schmerz im Bereich der rechten Narbe. Leichtes anheben des Stütz BHs hilft leider nicht. Nach ca. 15 Minuten liegen klingen die Schmerzen meist langsam ab. Merke dann aber dass meine Brust sich tauber anfühlt als sonst im sitzen/stehen. Hatte jemand von euch auch schon solche Probleme? Muss ich mir Sorgen machen? Habe im Internet darüber leider gar nichts gefunden. Vielleicht kann mir jemand weiterhelfen :-) Liebe Grüße IY
ClinicForYou  |  Premium member  |  Wrocław
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Hello :) In general, such pain 7 days after the surgery is a normal sign, however please contact your doctor who did the surgery to be 100% sure, as without examining the breasts in person, it cannot be said for sure. We wish you a speedy recovery :)
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Hi, pain can be normal 7 days after surgery. However, please coordinate with your surgeon and make an appointment for an early check up. We hope all goes well for you.
patriciaknox  |  visitor  |  Ontario
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Usually, a small discomfort and pain may arise due to the surgery during stretching or scar tissue forms. But it is better to consult your surgeon and hear his advice. Make sure that you are following the right routine after the surgery. There are some dos and don'ts after the surgery. Follow the correct way for better recovery and attaining the needed result.
patriciaknox  |  visitor  |  Ontario
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