How much does a breast augmentation surgery cost?

How much does a breast augmentation surgery cost?

Flakita  |  visitor  |  Berlin
I need breast implants, I would like to know the total price!
Including everything!
Thanks in advance!
Dr. Mario Alfonso González Cepeda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Cancun
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Hello, the costs of breast implants are $5,000 USD, they includes all the services, driver from the airport to the clinic and to your hotel, pre and postoperative consultations, surgery, medical staff (2 plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses), 24 hour stay on the clinic, pain killers, antibiotics and postoperative compression garment.

We are located in Cancun, Mexico; Perfection is a plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery clinic, specialized in national and international surgical tourism; if you need more information, please visit our website at or send us an e-mail to
miri  |  visitor
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Hello my name is Miriana and I live in gindorf Germany ..I would like to know the price of a breast augmentation and if it 's possible for the clinic to check me before the surgery , I mean blood exam and all the other control. Thanks in advance

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melodywest  |  visitor  |  Washington
I had my surgery done out of the country due to the cost. I needed alot more than just augmentation. I had to have a breast lift, a reduction on the right breast-due to a asymmetry problem, my right breast was a whole cup size bigger than my left. After further research I discovered that this is one of the most difficult breast surgeries to perform. I paid 4000.00 in US currency. In the states where I live, I got quoted a price around 15,0000. I love my plastic surgeon, he made me feel safe and confident in his skills. I am 30 days post op and am thrilled with my results. I went to Tijuana Mexico, and prior to my surgery they did lab work, I already had a physical exam, which my regular doctor cleared me for the surgery. I did have to pay for my surgical bra and medications after the surgery, which was an additional 136.00, but I was told about all of this upfront. Had I of been in the states, my surgery would of cost alot more. Especially since my surgeon thought he could do the surgery in about 2 hours when it actually took 4-5 hours. But I am so happy with my result. Do alot of research, check out your doctors credentials, read all the reviews. I am a nurse in the states and all my friends were like are you afraid?? Make sure you going to be in an accredited surgery center. I love my Plastic Surgeon. When I can save up the money I would also like to have him do a tummy tuck!!!
Dr. Jiménez Toribio Plastic Surgeon  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Santo Domingo
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Hi Flakita

Best Regards
The budget for implants depends on the type that we place. There are various types and forms. We generally use round but there are anatomically shaped, that is in teardrop. Both are filled with silicone and covered with texturized one is coated with polyurethane foam, offer advantages that we must not give you massages, have a very low rate of encapsulated and can sleep about them. They cost $ 3500US. Those who are not wrapped in polyurethane coated only texturized cost $ 3000US, however, can be encapsulated, and should not sleep about them.

The procedure includes: surgery, anesthesia, operating room, recovery, the sleepover in the Hospital, medication during the first day of placement, post-surgery visits. 

Not Included: Laboratory tests, x-ray, cardiovascular evaluation, therapy, other tests that are required. The cost USA$450.00

I need you to stay in the country 15 days. 

Cosmetic Gynecology Egypt - Amr Seifeldin, M.D  |  Basic member  |  Cairo
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Hello Flakita.

Breast augmentation costs approx. $3000 at our clinic in Cairo, Egypt. There is a direct flight from Berlin to Cairo of 4 hours duration. For more info please contact us.

Egypt Urogynecology Clinic- Amr Seif-Eldin, M.D
dr n. med. Artur Sandelewski  |  Basic member  |  Surgery  |  Jaworzno, Bielsko-Biała, Kraków
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Good morning.

I recommend to the breast augmentation polyurethane implants.
In my clinic in Poland the average cost breast augmentation with this implants is 3500 euros.

MD Artur Sandelewski
MUDr. Libor Polák  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Ostrava, Frýdek-Místek, Brno, Hodonín
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Good morning.
The total cost for the surgery in general anesthesia,with round implants and 1 day at my own luxurious clinic Polmedicana in Ostrava is 2200 Euro.
With best regards,
Libor Polák M.D.
plastic and aesthetic surgeon
Dr. med. Jaroslaw Tribull-Potapczuk  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Berlin
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Thank your for your question. Well, it is restricted by official rules of Medical Chamber here in Germany to speak about the costs prior to see the patient. There are many different augmentation methods and many types of implants and many types on anesthesia. As you are living in Berlin, it is adviseable to make an appointment in some of plastic surgery offices here. During the conslultation you can get to know a reliable price related to your specific case. This way and only this way you can become able compare the offers. You are cordially invited to visit us too. It costs you nothing. For an appointment please write directly to
Best regards
Dr. Tribull
Dr. Julio Morais PhD.  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  São Paulo
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Dear Flakita,
Usually we can not know the total price before a consultation. The prices change a little bit according to the kind of anesthesia ( local or general ), the stay in the hospital (day hospital or 24hs stay), and specially if the surgery includes a breast lifting or just the implant inclusion.
I work in São Paulo ( Brazil) and in Lisbon (Portugal). The total price in Brazil is around 5,000,00 euros and in Portugal it is around 4.000,00 euros.
Best wishes,
MUDr. Juraj Payer Ph.D., FEBOPRAS - PREMIER CLINIC  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Prague
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The price of breast augmentation (including the implants a 24h stay at our facility, pre-op consultation and post-op care) at our clinic in Prague starts from 2900 eur. Of course this might vary regarding the type of implants we're planning to use, and of course on the procedure itself (whether it's a breast aug only or whether there is a need for breast lift as well).
Best regards
Dr. med. Juraj Payer, FEBOPRAS
Services  |  Basic member  |  Istanbul
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Hi Flakita,

Average cost for breast augmentation is around 3500 Euro.

Implant and hospital cost are included.

7 days stay in Istanbul is essential.

Dr. Silvia Stanculescu  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Bucharest
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The total cost is 3400€ and includes the consultation, all the investigations before surgery ( blood analisys, ultrasound at the breasts), the operation ( with 2 plastic surgerons and an anesthesiologist), 2 nights in hospital after surgery ( Medicover Hospital), the garment.
Best regards,
DR.Silvia Stanculescu-Vasalos
Dr. Alejandro Monsalve Trespalacios  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Medellin
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Hello Flakita:
We are in Medellin Colombia in las Vegas Clinic. The normal price of breast augmentation is 2900 usd.
The surgery is usually 2 hours and ambulatory .
Alejandro Monsalve
Dr. Serban Porumb  |  Basic member  |  Oradea
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Hello, in order to evaluate your status could you send a few pictures with front and sides views? That would be needed for evaluation and is strictly confidential.

Please note we do all the techniques, including endoscopic HD transaxillary (through the armpit) with no scar on the breast! but also inframammary or periareolar (around the nipple) approach.

We are the only clinic from Romania and one of a few from Europe, that uses full HD endoscopic technique for transaxillary (through the armpit) breast augmentation. That allows us to put the implant WITHOUT ANY SCARS ON THE BREAST! with maximum precision, perfect view of the tissues, zooming the operation field and an extraordinary clarity!
All this without damaging the lymph nodes and the nerves from the armpit, and having a quicker recovery. That all done, of course, WITHOUT ANY SCARS ON YOUR BREAST, the only small scar that you have is perfectly hidden in the armpit! 
Dr. Branko Glušac, M.D.  |  Basic member  |  Makarska
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Average cost for Breast Augmentation is 3000 EURO(includes everything-implant and hospital)
The 3-4 days stay in Croatia is essential, We speak German
With best regards
Branko Glusac,M.D.
Plastic and Estethic Surgery

Dr. med. Marian Stefan Mackowski  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Hamburg, Bremen
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Dear Flakita,

thank you very much for your question. Please, be aware of the fact, that a breast augmentation is not a question of "how much does it cost" but of surgeons quality and skill, his experience and his knowledge. On average the total price for an augmentation in Germany is 6.200,- €, varying between 3 -8 T€. Generaly speeking, the lower the price, the more attention you should pay to the doctor or the facility , because there are tremendous differencies related to the quality of work. Therefore of your personal interest should be " Who does it best" instead of " Who does it cheapest". I do charge a breast augmentation with 7.5 T€ total price.

Good luck ijn finding your decision MS Mackowski, Hamburg
Dr. Julio José Casas Ocando  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  | 
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Breast implants cost aprox 3.500,00 dlrs
MUDr. Věra Šatánková  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Prague
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Dear Flakita,

A breast enlargement surgery costs at the ISCARE clinic 2265 EUR in total. You'll find our complete price list here: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
We're happy to answer your questions also in German.
Feel free to contact our service desk at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for a free consultation or further information.

Kind regards,
Vera Satankova M.D.
ISCARE clinical centre
Dr Gregory Turowski  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Chicago
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The cost of breast augmentation procedure will depend on type of implants you decide to go with and based on you surgeon's recommendation. The surgery itself usually takes about an hour and it is all inclusive. The fee can range from $6000-$8000 and the fee includes surgeon's fee, anesthesia, facility and fee for the implants and also all the follow up appointments after the surgery is done.
Although price is obviously a very important issue, it the results that matter. Please be sure to check out your options before you decide XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Dr. Julio José Casas Ocando  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  | 
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The budget is around 3,500.00 dlrs
Vangelis Vasalos  |  Basic member  |  Bucharest
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In our clinic in Bucharest breast augmentation surgery is at a total cost of 3300 euros.
Dr Karthik Ram  |  Basic member  |  Chennai
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Hi flakita,
At chennai plastic surgery it costs around 4000 USD. Contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX core further details. Thank u

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