Natural 75B went to 75D, can i go bigger to a 95F?

Natural 75B went to 75D, can i go bigger to a 95F?

9owl  |  visitor  |  Auckland
Hi folks! Thanks in advance for the advice :)

I had my breast size augmented 2 years ago. I went from a natural 75B to an enhanced silicone 75D. The surgeon talked me down to this size form a DD as he said my chest area was quite small. I'm quite skinny (55kg) and 170cm tall, Asian ethnicity.

I'm not happy with the result as I feel my breasts are still too small. There is also a bit of ripple seen through the skin in some positions one one of the breasts. In the first procedure, I didn't have any lift or anything like that, and they were placed in the lower part of my chest (I understand you can get them placed higher too). It was done above the muscle, with gummybear silicone round implants.

I'd love to go up in size to a fuller breast, from the now 75D to a 95F at least. Is this possible? Maybe with a higher placement?
My first surgery was done through under the armpit, I'm wondering if this second time I should do it the same way or go under the breast fold?

Thanks again for advice!

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