Which doctor to choose for breast augmentation via fat transfer in Germany

Which doctor to choose for breast augmentation via fat transfer in Germany

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Hello everyone,

This is quite urgent. I am planning my trip to Germany to undergo breast augmentation via fat transfer.
I have been doing A LOT of research on which doctor to do the surgery with. Right now I am between:
1) Dr. med. Mehmet Atilla (Dusseldorf)
2)Dr. med. Klaus Ueberreiter (Berlin)
3) Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis (BERLIN)-
4) Dr. med. Christian Döbler (Dusseldorf)
5) Dr. med. Nikolaus Linde (Zurich)

Please share your opinion based on personal experience or if you recommend another Dr.

I am also VERY confused since some doctors told me I should wear a tissue expander (Brava or something similar) to expand my tissue as I have tight skin envelope while others said it doesn't make a difference and I should perform the surgery 2 times to get the desired result. So I need your opinion based on experience.
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Hello BHS1, we have been doing fat transfer to the breasts for over 32 years now. We have developed a number of techniques, which lead to exceptionally good results. These include for example KSCQFT ( Khawajas Stem Cell Quick Fat Transfer ) to the breasts. These lead to not only breast augmentation according to your desires, but also breast up-lift. The breasts become heavy after fat transfer to the breasts, even if the fat is in moderate amounts, so it is necessary to up-lift the breasts also simultaneously, placing fat in such a manner, which leads to not only breast augmentation, but also up-lift. We have over 90-95% ( nearly 100 % ) survival of fat with our state of the art techniques, after a single fat transfer. We recommend 2 sessions for excellent long lasting results. The second session can be performed after 4-6 weeks. What is of utmost importance, is the technique used for fat transfer, experience of the surgeon in this regard, the placement of fat, the handling of fat, the cannulas used for aspirating fat and those used for fat transfer, the areas from where your surgeon chooses to harvest fat, sterile environment and your after-care after fat transfer. All these factors must be taken into consideration; however, most important among these is the experience of the surgeon with fat transfer of the breasts and the technique and instruments used for transfer. I hope this information will help you !

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