Bust reduction age limits

Bust reduction age limits

glenda  |  visitor  |  New South Wales
Hi i am a 59 yr old lady I would like to have a bust reduction am I to old? My bust size is 16dd the rest of my body is a size 10-12
Dr. Mario Alfonso González Cepeda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Cancun
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Hello Glenda, you don't have to worry about age limits is you are a healthy person; the only thing that limit us could be an abnormal lab or cardiological evaluation; if you want more information please visit us at http://www.plasticsurgerycancun.com or contact us to our mail at info@perfection.com.mx
Professor Ercan Karacaoglu M.D.  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Istanbul
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Hi Glenda, Your age is not a limit for breast reduction. If you are healthy means if you have ago other systemic disease then you do not worry about that. Please visit us at http://www.esteistanbul.com or contact us at esteistanbul@yahoo.com
Professor Tarek Abulezz  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Sohag
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Age, parse, is not a limitation.
MUDr. Helena Singerová  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Prague
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Good morning,
You can have surgery if your health conditions is good.
After surgery you could be B-C cup, depends on you.
Dr Helena Singerova
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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You can have bust reduction at 59 years. Now you can benefit from the latest KHAWAJA'S TRANSCUTANEOUS BREAST REDUCTION techniques. These techniques are minimally invasive, simplified and safe. The greatest advantage is that you avoid the long un-aesthetic scars of conventional breast reduction, which can at times become hypertrophied. With Khawaja's Transcutaneous Breast Reduction Techniques, scars are either pin point or smaller and imperceptible. You can simultaneously opt for a SCARLESS BREAST LIFT, using a variety of simplified techniques developed by Dr.Khawaja, tailored to individual needs.
Dr. med. Petra Berger  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main Zurich Palma de Mallorca
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dear, if you are otherwise healthy and dont smoke or take any serious medication, you are never too old for this type of surgery. have you seen a plastic surgery specialist yet?

all the best

dr petra berger, frankfurt/ zürich
Dr. Serban Porumb  |  Basic member  |  Oradea
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Indeed there is no age limit for this surgery, if you are in good health condition. We do some tests before the surgery in order to evaluate your health status.
We have done breast reduction surgery to patients of your age or even older with no problems and very nice results, patients being very happy after it.
You may check our clinic, Estetis Clinic, website to see some results for similar cases.
You may contact us for further information through our website too.
Prof. Dr. med. Ralf Thomas Michel  |  Basic member  |  Offenbach am Main, Frankfurt am Main, Obertshausen
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Hello glenda,for a breast reduction procedure you are definately not too old.However, you should not be a smoker,should not have diabetes, cardiovascular or any severe diseases.
With kind regards,
Prof.Dr.med.Ralf Thomas Michel
FORMÉ Clinic  |  Premium member  |  Prague
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Hello Glenda,

You re age is not a limit for surgeries. You need to be health in a day of surgery and to have a good health condition. Our surgeons are able to help your condition and our prices are very friendly. Please, visit our web pages for more information- www.formeclinic.cz . we are based in Prague, Czech rep.
Maria Hallova
Dr Jerzy M. Chęciński  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Warszawa
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You're not too old, the treatment carried out.

Best regards.

Jerzy Chęciński
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. med. Jaroslaw Tribull-Potapczuk  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Berlin
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Thank you for your question. Please, please, you are absolutely not too old, not in general (as long as you are younger than me) and not in particular for such kind of surgery, provided you are not suffering from any serious illness or from any other poor physical condition.
Dr Tribull
Mr Anindya Lahiri FRCS (Plastic Surgery)  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield
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Not at all. If you are otherwise reasonably fit and well, age is not an issue. 59 particularly is quite young for a Plastic Surgeon. Some of my patients are in their 70s and still have the treatment they need.
Dr Karthik Ram  |  Basic member  |  Chennai
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hi glenda,
having large breasts can be a real trouble whatever may be the age. it can cause physical symptoms like head ache, neck pain, back pain, etc. hence reduction can be done at any age to improve quality of life. if your general health condition is good and you will be fit for anaesthesia, with chest physiotherapy, surgery can be done.
thanking u
Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Chennai
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Breast reduction could be performed at any age after complete development of the breasts provided you are medical fit for the procedures. Other co morbidities' like Diabetes or Hypertension may pose some risk
Dr. Andrius Pajėda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Kaunas
  • 57 answers
I don't think there is an age limit. As long as you are healthy individual, you can be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. If you are not planing to have children and breastfeed, breast reduction with free nipple graft is reasonable option. The surgery is easier with less complications.
joshuamiller7602  |  visitor  |  Virginia
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I have an general information regarding the breast conditions, you should not ignore if you have. While you may be little skeptical about changes in your breasts at times, you usually don’t heed to what they might indicate. Your breasts do indicate about your overall health and it is rather important to pay attention to what they might be trying to tell you. read an article " 7 Changes In Your Breasts That You Must Never Ignore" at zovon.
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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SCARLESS BREAST REDUCTION: Dr H.A.Khawaja, our plastic surgeon, pioneered the Scarless Breast Reduction technique in which breast reduction is carried out totally under local anesthesia with no hospital stay. There are no scars like in conventional breast reduction and there is no damage to gland or important structures. Recovery is quickest and fastest as compared to conventional breast reduction. You can read details on our facebook page CSSC international + and on our facebook profile Cosm Surg. You can call us on phone or on whatsapp for more details, current available discounts and best price which we can offer to you.

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CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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We are offering end of year / new year 2020 discount on scarless breast reduction. The cost is 50% off, till 10th Feb 2020. The cost has been reduced from 3000 to 1500 Euros only! Please note if you are coming from abroad and will be late, we can still offer you this discount, but you need to inform us ASAP about your tentative date of arrival.

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Finn  |  visitor  |  Punjab
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How long the procedure will take ? I want considerable breast lift also. I am size JJ ( XXXXXLLL ) quite large. Will my breasts also be lifted up ? Right ? Can I have size CC / DD after the scarless breast reduction and lift ? As you say, there will be no scars ? Please reconfirm with my size. thanks !

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CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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The procedure will take less than 2 hours for scarless breast reduction and lift. Your breast size can be reduced from JJ to CC / DD as you wish with uplifting of the breasts without scars. I can reconfirm to you there will be no scars.

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