female breast micro liposuction

female breast micro liposuction

tysonc80  |  visitor  |  Cork
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Hi I want to know of any surgeon in Prague that performs micro liposuction to female breast as a way of reduction I know it is done in London and USA but very expensive.thank you
Dr Mohamed Wahba  |  Basic member  |  Cairo
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Hi, you can send us your pics and we can help you with low prices in Egypt
Dr. Andrius Pajėda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Kaunas
  • 57 answers
Dear, tysonc80. I am based in Kaunas, Lithuania. I perform liposuction as way of female breast reduction. I need to see the pictures to tell if this procedure benefit you.
Dr Robert El Haddad  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Paris
  • 27 answers
Good morning
It is a usual procedure but in specific conditions.You have to be examined in order to estimate the elasticity of the skin,the amount of fat tissue etc..We need to have more information about your age,number of pregnancies if any and of course pictures.
sandrajames  |  visitor  |  Maharashtra
  • 1 answers
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