Best clinic for a browlift in CZ?

Best clinic for a browlift in CZ?

deejim34  |  visitor
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I'd like some cosmetic procedures: Thread Browlift / Thread Chinlift / Botox / laser work

You may see my photos at:

Browlift please
I'd like a browplasty. Only for my left brow. Not my right.

My right orbit was broken. Now my right eye appears bigger than my left.

Please do not phone me. Use email:

Dear Sir / Madam,
I'd like a browplasty.
Only on one side.
My left side.
I'd like my left eyebrow raised.
Do you want my photos?
What will it cost? Endoscopic operation? Serdev's thread? APTOS thread?

Here are my photos. As you can see, my left eyebrow is slightly lower than
my right. This makes my left eye look narrower.
Please tell me:
Price proposal? Size of scar? Location of scar? General anesthetic required? Endscopic operation?
Also, for those little red spots that never go away, I'd like laser work.
Also, for wrinkles, I'd like botox in my forehead.
deejim34  |  visitor
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I got a thread lift at Aura clinic in Prague (AURA Medical Clinic, s. r. o. Koněvova 31, 130 00 Praha 3) to correct a low left brow. The threadlift failed. There was no noticable effect on my left eyebrow. I later found out threadlift could not lift my left brow high enough to match my right. Threadlifts are very slight. The doctor at the aura clinic did not tell me that. They just took my money and did the op. I have since lost faith in thread lifts and would like to have a filler, to the other side, instead. One side only. I suffered an eye injury in which I lost some tissue from by right upper orbit.

I have already had face to face consultations with professionals.
The scar on my forehead has nothing to do with my hollow right orbit. There is no nerve damage.

I would prefer a filler under my right eyebrow to restore it, so it matches my left. However, this requires a lot of applications.
I tried hyaluronic acid but it only lasted about six months. I need something that lasts for years. What would be a good filler?

Jim Dixon, +46 76 44 38 122

Email me at:
Professor Mohsen B Kashkouli MD  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Tehran
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After having hyaluronic acid gel injection, I would recommend fat or dermis fat graft, not injection, which last longer.
dcssalman  |  visitor  |  Islamabad
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Now a days there are lot of new treatments
Dr. Farhat Bokhari  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Islamabad, Lahore
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For one sided brow lift, the most effective procedure is an endoscopic breast lift. Performed correctly it will raise the level of your brow to the desired level and match the right side.

Endoscopic brow lift is a safe and long lasting procedure with minimal recovery time.

Regarding the filler on the right eyebrow--the question is whether it requires a soft tissue filling or the bony structure is lacking? After reviewing the pictures in multiple dimensions and perhaps even a CT scan one can determine the true nature of the problem and then plan accordingly.

If there is a bony deficiency then an implant (Medpor) can be used. The implant can be fixed on the bone through a small cut under the eyebrow. Radiesse is another filler which can last more than a year, however the implant is permanent solution.

Alloderm is a safe and long lasting soft tissue filler and Elance from Holland is another soft tissue filler which can last up to 4 years according to the manufacturer.

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