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After a number of prominent women have made the foray into plastic surgery, I too am thinking of having a facelift. What is involved?
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We have been performing Face Lift for over 30 years. Our state of the art pioneer face lift techniques are: Delta Lift, Transcutaneous Face Lift, Simplified S-Lift, Simplified Thread Lifts, Khawajas Simplified Swiss Thread Face lift, Khawajas Simplified Gold Thread Face Lift, Silk Lift and others. Face lift surgery involves tightening of your skin and facial muscles, with correction of your smile lines, removal of all loose skin, correction of double chin and alike procedures. Your face looks much younger and your skin becomes tighter. You get rid of wrinkles and laxity. Results are excellent and guaranteed. There are no complications in our safe hands. It is walk in walk out surgery at our clinic. There is no bleeding and no hospital stay. It is best that you consult us in person and have a check up or detailed discussion about the procedure. If you are from abroad, you can also send us your clear front and side view pictures of face and neck and we can let you know details about your face lift and the exact cost.

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