Allergic reaction to lactic acid peel

Allergic reaction to lactic acid peel

mmajitzmom  |  visitor  |  Texas
So I wanted to have rejuvenated skin for my 35 birthday Sunday... I tried a lactic acid 20% chemical peel by dermalure. Everything was fine until the second day... Now it's the 3rd day and my face has erupted into a huge rash and white bumps all over.. I look like the elephant man and I'm just crying with disgust! Any advice?? And don't say go to dermatologist because all they said was hydrocortisone cream and ice packs.. Done and done! Someone help!
Professor Hussein Ghanem M.D.  |  Basic member  |  Dermatovenerology  |  Cairo
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If the reaction excessive, your dermatologist might wish to consider a short course of systematic steroid.
Best wishes
Dr. Hussein Ghanem
Dr Karthik Ram  |  Basic member  |  Chennai
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A topical low potency corticosteroid will help th einflammation subside . use a thin even layer over the affected area for about 5 days .

Hope this helps .
Dr Karthik Ram
Dr Michel Bernard  |  Basic member  |  Dermatovenerology  |  Brussels
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there is infection on this acute eczema
corticoids cream ok, but antibiotics for sure ( local and oral )
antiseptics or polyvidone will not be enough

and make a lab culture of this white yellowish pus
would not be surprised if they find staphylococcus aureus in there

where is the rash located ? face ?


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