Is the chin too small for my face?

Is the chin too small for my face?

kristinako  |  visitor  |  Dublin
Is there a way to get rid of under the lip lumps of is the chin too small for my face
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Hi, we can correct the lumps below your lower lip via subcutaneous contouring. You can also have chin augmentation via fat transfer or implant. Both of these procedures are done in local anesthesia with no hospital stay. We are based at Lahore, Pakistan, and you are welcome if you would like to visit here. Please also see us on facebook Cosm Surg / facebook page CSSC International +
World Wide International Aesthetic  |  Basic member  |  Alanya
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Hi there

For your small chin we can do chin implants for permanet result. If you want to have temporary result can be done fat transfer for filler on your chin area.

Best regards
Tamira  |  visitor  |  Karnataka
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If you feel that way and you wish to reshape your chin, you can opt for Chin Augmentation/Chin surgery. Chin surgery is a cosmetic procedure where you can reshape your chin with implants.
ClinicForYou  |  Premium member  |  Wrocław
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Hello :) To be able to advise if the chin is too small and if the chin implant is advised, the side view picture would be necessary. if you'd like a free picture consultation at our clinic in Wrocław, Poland- please get in touch :)

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