Tongue irritation along side of dental implant

Tongue irritation along side of dental implant

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Four months ago I had a rear upper molar pulled and a bone graft put in place. I am still in the process of getting this implant finished. After several months of waiting for the bone graft to set, I now have the implant screw in my mouth and am now waiting for this to heal so that I can have the crown finally installed in December. In the interim I have noticed a rather annoying irritation on the left side of my tongue. This irritation has and continues to occur right along side the hole in my mouth where the tooth was pulled and the implant was placed. Is this normal? I am thinking the teeth adjacent to the implant are rubbing on the tongue and it is causing the irritation. I am so looking forward to once and for all getting this implant finished, but in the next two months I think I am going to go nuts about this tongue irritation!! Suggestions? Anyone else go this?
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Well there are two probable reasons for this irritation. Either the teeth of the interims bother your tongue ( the solution is simple, the irritation must be removed with a bur) or you have a monomer sensitivity ( the solution is not to use the interims untill the implant get uncovered). Whatexver the reason is, the dentist can surely find a way to give you relief.

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do not feel it with tongue. wain for sometime. it will go

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