Tooth implants - cost?

Tooth implants - cost?

Ash  |  visitor  |  Kansas
How much does each implant cost?
M.D. PhD ERKAN AKILLI  |  Basic member  |  Istanbul
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One implan price= 1000 USA dolar
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kate2lewinski  |  visitor  |  Olongapo
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its a good thing that the dental industry now has nice technology with regards to cosmetic dentistry. i just hope that these are more budget friendly.
د.يوسف عبد الغفار  |  visitor  |  Al Qahirah
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it costs 900 us dollars for one implant including the prosthetic esthetic porcelain-fused-to- metal crown on top of the implant.
Quintessence Dental Solutions Pvt Ltd  |  Basic member  |  Bangalore
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A single tooth implant costs 30000 to 35000 Indian Rupees (depending on company chosen for the dental implant- Nobel Biocare, Biohorizons, Adin etc). The cost of the crown prosthesis to be placed over the implant ranges between 4000 Indian Rupees to 15000 Indian Rupees depending on the material chosen (Porcelain fused to Metal, All ceramic etc etc) for the crown prosthesis and the warranty period (5-15 years warranty) provided for it by the manufacturer.
Dr. Gaurav Ghosh, MDS
Director, Cosmetic Dentist, Implantologist & Pathologist
smithsinha  |  visitor  |  Rajasthan
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€1,200.00 is the cost for implantation of every tooth.

advance dental implants
John108  |  visitor  |  Grad Sofiya
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The price of full implant is only $940 (Implant + Abutment + Crown) in Bulgaria. I think this is the best price in Europe you can get without compromise with quality.
Ralph Gomez  |  visitor  |  Manila
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Well, I am not particular with the price because it may change in time. Try calling my dentist in scottsdale az to know the current price of having a tooth implants.
nicolehutter10  |  visitor  |  Rizal
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The cost ranges to 1000 - 1200 US Dollars every tooth.
alainjospeh  |  visitor  |  Kerala
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i had a dental implant before two months in Dr Stephan Phelan's clinic in Toronto.the sessions are too good and it all happens in a short period of time.the costs for the treatment are comparatively less than any other in Toronto.
Deivam Dental Clinic  |  Basic member  | 
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Compared with other countries,the teeth implant cost in India is very low.Just refer the site:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
alainjospeh  |  visitor  |  Kerala
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i had a dental implant before two months in Dr. Stephen Phelan's clinic in Toronto.the sessions are too good and it all happens in a short period of time.the costs for the treatment are comparatively less than any other in Toronto.
nikoln  |  visitor  |  California
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My bro hhas to have some dental implants.I resarched about dental implant cost in india that is reliable for every one. i am planning to come india in next month. is there any one know a great dentist who have a lotof experience?
Thanks in advance!!
John  |  visitor  |  Maharashtra
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I think it is better to take second option from other dentists also through online.Now you are able to contact the dentist directly through the website, you can ask your doubts and they will reply you.
Dental Care Egypt  |  Basic member  |  Cairo
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regular dental implant with porcelain fused to metal crown can cost total of 900 us dollars
lisafinny  |  visitor  |  Illinois
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Tooth implants can give you a beautiful look by enhancing your smile. Cost for tooth implants can vary depending on several things like the number of missing teeth being replaced, the type of implant being used.
monicamontes000  |  visitor  |  Colorado
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Yes I agree! it will still depend on the numbers of missing teeth and also the clinic in your area. Sometimes it is better to have dental implant abroad.
lisafinny  |  visitor  |  Illinois
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For dental implants you can take an appointment of Dr. Patel who is Maxillofacial Physicians & Surgeons in Chicago IL. He is also a specialist in Extraction & Wisdom Teeth, Dental Implant Surgery, Root Canal Surgery, Bone Grafting, Jaw & Facial Pain, Snoring & Sinus Problems, Jaw Reconstruction Surgery & many more....
Tomasz Czechowski  |  Basic member  |  Stomatology  |  Warszawa
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Dental implants with ceramic crown in Poland in Demed costs about 900 US. Only dental implant susgery costs 575 US. This prices are attractive. Demed has experienced doctors and did thousands of dentals implants surgery.
Adress: Poland, Warsaw, two places: Symfonii 2 street, Esperant 12 street
Cassie  |  visitor  |  Utah
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Dental implants in MI cost at least $1000-1500 but the price may vary depending upon placement,etc. You should be able to get a free consultation before you commit to the procedure. I got my dental implants done here in Michigan by Dr. Michael C. Hutchison at Associates in Family Dentistry and they did a wonderful job.
mirsald  |  visitor  |  Slavonski Brod and Posavina
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In mexico:
In Croatia:
In Turkey:

Prices in UK, US, Germany is up about 70% higher
smithdavidus  |  visitor  |  California
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As per my knowledge mini dental implant costs around $650-$1100. A professional cosmetic dentist can guide you the best for the suitable treatment and costs. You can find a dentist for your treatment at
Dental Esthetics Heidelberg N. Papagiannoulis  |  Basic member  |  Spezialist Implantologie  |  Heidelberg
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Material cost 350-500€, technician around 350€, surgery and denture honorary around XXXXXXXX€. If bone augmentation needed, cost may get higher depending on the defect
Nirav Patel  |  Basic member  |  Orthodontics  |  Ahmedabad
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one implant = 600 usa $[ in india]
Christine  |  visitor
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Dental Implants from 300€ in Serbia
Cheap Dental Implants – Driving force of dental tourism
How have cheap dental implants sparked a revolution in medical travel?
Until not so long ago, medical tourism was pretty much a non-existent category. Everyone was able to get a decent and affordable health care in their home countries. Price of medical care has been on the rise for many years now, which has given birth to a new generation of travelers – medical tourists. Medical travel has become a common thing now, with many people packing appointment cards for a clinic in a foreign country together with other travel essentials. A little surprise – dental tourists are accounted for more than half of all medical travel across the world. Why is that? Dental tourism comes as a result of often skyrocketing prices in the West which many people cannot afford; instead, they turn to clinics abroad for affordable health care and cheap dental implants.

This raises a question – can you really save up THAT MUCH money if you travel abroad? To put it simply – yes. In Western countries like the UK, US, Switzerland, Australia, France, Germany etc. dental care is quite expensive, even for those with insurance. Patients from these countries often go to Eastern Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia where the costs are up to 70% lower!

To give you one practical example, recently a patient from the UK paid £400 for a procedure in Serbia that would cost him more than £2500 back home. That is 80% difference in price!!!

Dental Implants

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
Cheap Dental Implants Turkey 860€
Cheap Dental Implants Croatia 850€
Cheap Dental Implants Hungary 782€
Cheap Dental Implants Serbia 400€
All on Four

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
Cheap Dental Implants Italy 11000€
Cheap Dental Implants Great Britain 10000€
Cheap Dental Implants Germany 7000€
Cheap Dental Implants Serbia 3500€
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Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
Cheap Dental Implants Italy 15000€
Cheap Dental Implants Great Britain 13000€
Cheap Dental Implants Germany 10000€
Cheap Dental Implants Serbia 4000€
Speaking of Serbia, the country is quickly becoming a major player on the dental tourism market. And for a good reason! It is unsure how patients from the West discovered this (still) hidden gem of Europe, but recently the country has been flooded with patients from all across the globe. Patients from Western Europe (UK, Germany, France, and Italy) and the US are leading the charge.

The plethora of reasons recommends Serbia for a final destination of dental tourists, not just fairly low prices. Clinics use equipped with state of the art equipment, dentists are world renowned for their expertise and everyone from doctors to clinic staff speak perfect English, making it a lot easier to communicate. Serbia is also becoming a major force in tourism, which has led to excellent connectivity – there are direct flights from NYC, London, Berlin, Munich, Pars, Zurich and the ticket prices are quite cheap!

The vast majority of dental tourists in Serbia finds their clinic through; website specialized to cater to needs of foreign patients.

Even though there are other destinations in Europe, which are probably more popular or more advertised, when you take all factors into consideration: costs, quality and time, Serbia should be your top pick for cheap dental implants.

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