Eye Bags Treatment : looking for a surgeon in the UK or in Europe

Eye Bags Treatment : looking for a surgeon in the UK or in Europe

Justmeandmyself  |  visitor  |  Coventry
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Hi all

I had lower eye bag removal back in 2004. The surgeon took away the puffiness just below the eyes,but didn't address the malar bags/festoons.I have been told that this is the case.

Could anyway tell me of any new procedure for this,either surgical or non. I did watch a you tube video, where a USA surgeon used the laser technique and the lady looked great afterwards,it tightened the area up really well and the ugly bags were diminished for ever!!! :-)

The USA is too far for me to travel so either the UK or Europe would be better. Also,what would I expect to pay roughly?

Thanks in advance
Duško Maletić Dr.med.  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Daruvar, Zagreb
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Dear Sir!
Please sent us a photo- portrait to better see what you need for surgery correction. After we will recomanded bestpossibility for you!
Best regardes, dr Maletić
MUDr. Věra Šatánková  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Prague
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Can you send me some pictures on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX of your eye lids so I can get back to you with what exactly can be done?

Thank you.

Vera Satankova, M.D.
ISCARE clinic
Dr. med. Petra Berger  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main Zurich Palma de Mallorca
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hello dear,

the treatment of malar bags is really difficult and there is no miracle cure for it, not even laser light nanotechnology or any new fancy advertisement. if you want to, you could post your pictures in this forum or send them privately to me at my clinics address.
send them to info(at)praxis-berger.com.

kind regards, dr petra berger, frankfurt/ zürich

0049 69 92020883
0041 44 500 8882
Dr. Branko Glušac, M.D.  |  Basic member  |  Makarska
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Can you send me some pictures your eye lids
Branko Glusac M.D.
Dr. Omar Fouda Neel  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Montreal, Laval
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Best to search online for a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. You can ask around in online forums as well (such as this website). Be sure the surgeon you chose is board certified. You are always welcome in Montreal. Best of luck.
Justmeandmyself  |  visitor  |  Coventry
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They are not directly underneath my eyes and curve round into my cheek bones.

I think they are called malar.

I have attached a picture of them. I find them horrible and have tried to find a suitable procedure, including plerx(have read this make them worse) Also filler but I know this will just make the area more puffy

Maybe a slight face lift,but not really happy about going down that path.

I am almost 51 years old and they are getting worse :-(

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