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Discussion topics - Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)

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4 Months Post Lower Bleph - What are These Creases?  0 2021-09-14
How much does an eyelid surgery cost?  25 2021-07-25
No Swelling Eyelid Surgery aftercare  8 2021-07-24
Puffy eyes (lympha) after lower eyelid surgery  4 2021-06-12
Blepharoplasty results 5 months on  2 2021-04-24
Post Lower Blepharoplasty puffiness  1 2021-01-17
Six weeks post op upper and lower eyelift  1 2021-01-17
Uneven eyes  2 2020-10-26
No Swelling Eyelid Surgery  12 2020-09-05
What proceeder would I need to ask for?  3 2020-08-19
Lower Blephoraplasty Swelling  5 2020-07-27
I am extremely interested in upper eye lid surgery  4 2020-03-24
How to treat puffy eyelids 6 month after blepharoplasty?  7 2020-02-09
Lower blepharoplasty complications: I can still see a little when I close my eyes  4 2020-02-09
Eye Lid surgery and Thermage face lift prices  3 2020-02-09
What can I do to get rid of saggy skin and bags under my eyes?  16 2020-02-09
What is the cost of a blepharoplasty?  8 2020-02-09
What type of anaesthesia is used during eyelid surgery?   POPULAR  14 2020-02-09
Travel for blepharoplasty from UK abroad?  10 2019-10-25
Puffy lower eyelid 5 month later  4 2018-10-21
How can I get rid of saggy skin and bags under the eyes?  3 2016-02-18

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