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Discussion topics - Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)

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How much does an eyelid surgery cost?  18 2019-12-11
Travel for blepharoplasty from UK abroad?  10 2019-10-25
How to treat puffy eyelids 6 month after blepharoplasty?  6 2019-06-03
Blepharoplasty in Czech republic  0 2018-12-29
Puffy lower eyelid 5 month later  4 2018-10-21
Lower blepharoplasty complications: I can still see a little when I close my eyes  3 2017-05-09
Eye Lid surgery and Thermage face lift prices  2 2017-03-27
What can I do to get rid of saggy skin and bags under my eyes?  15 2016-02-21
How can I get rid of saggy skin and bags under the eyes?  3 2016-02-18
Plexr after care - what do you reccomend?  1 2016-01-19
What is the cost of a blepharoplasty?  7 2016-01-06
eye lid surgery with mini-face lift  11 2015-10-05
Dissolvable stitches are poking out at the corners 12 days after a blepharoplasty  4 2015-07-02
Can a blepharoplasty affect my vision ?  4 2015-05-11
What type of anaesthesia is used during eyelid surgery?   POPULAR  13 2013-05-08
How long does eyelid surgery take and how long is the hospitalization?   POPULAR  9 2013-01-18
Incision under eyebrow?  26 2013-01-04
Do I need blepharoplasty?  4 2012-12-27
Eyelid surgery after wound from fake eyelashes?  2 2012-10-10
What are the most common complications after eyelid surgery?   POPULAR  9 2012-03-28
What does eyelid surgery involve?   POPULAR  2 2012-02-29
Negative canthal tilt  1 2007-10-26

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