Post Lower Blepharoplasty puffiness

Post Lower Blepharoplasty puffiness

JCK  |  visitor  |  Victoria
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Hi, i had a lower bleph done about 9 months ago now, one eye has recovered really well but one is still quite puffy right under the lid. I have continued to monitor it with my surgeon each month but I wanted a second opinion. Since the operation, I have had a cortisone injection to break up the scar tissue, which worked well the first time (it was really puffy still after 3 months) but the second time I didn’t notice much difference. I have tried everything possible, low salt diet, sleep elevated, eye creams, lymphatic massages x 5, the main concern seems to be the little pocket in the corner of my eye as you can see in the pics. I get a fair bit of puffiness in the morning but as the day goes on most of that goes away, but the thicker line under the eye stays. What are your thoughts?
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Hi JCK, it is quite unusual for swelling to stay that long after eyelid surgery. There can be residual fatty bag/ tissue which has been left over, it can be hypertrophied muscle / residual muscle which is there or simple prolonged edema ( swelling ), which is quite unusual. I would also suggest you to have a check up of your kidney functions including tests like serum urea and creatinine and blood profile. You can wait for few more months. If your other tests are ok, you can consider a touch up. We do a No Swelling Eyelid surgery, in which there is minor or no swelling after your surgery.

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