Six weeks post op upper and lower eyelift

Six weeks post op upper and lower eyelift

jayjay  |  visitor  |  Victoria
Six weeks post op upper and lower eyelift, mid face suspension lift and neck lift. still have substantial swelling... left eye is still "stetched" at the lateral canthus. Has anyone experienced this? Is it due to swelling? Has subsided a little but still obvious... hoping I don't need revision surgery. (photo)
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Hi Jayjay, there is still considerable swelling of your eyelids 6 weeks after your surgery. You need to wait, use anti-inflammatory enzyme preparations to get rid of the swelling fast. Since a conventional eyelid surgery was carried out, it is going to take time. We use a No Swelling Eyelid Surgery technique in which there is minor or no swelling after your surgery. There are fine stitches, but eyes look completely normal soon after your surgery.

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