What are the most common complications after eyelid surgery?

What are the most common complications after eyelid surgery?

I'm about to undergo eyelid surgery but I am a little afraid of possible complications. What are the most common complications and how often do they occur?
M.D. Natasa Popovic  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery
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Which eyelid superior or inferior?
brenda  |  visitor  |  Texas
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I had blepharoplasty surgery (upper and lower) in June of this year. I had severe bruising on the entire left side of my face. I was not surprised, because I felt the laser cutting my left upper lid several times toward the end of the surgery, and I heard the doctors discussing vacation plans in Mexico for several minutes of my surgery, and I didn't feel comfortable that the surgeon was focused on me. Since then, I am still experiencing extreme photophobia, dry eye, what feels like swelling and tiredness in my left eye. Will I ever be able to open my eyes in the light again, and will my left eye ever feel as normal as it did before the surgery? Please help! The doctor says that it sometimes takes a year for the eye to get back to normal after surgery, and I must have had dry eye before the surgery too (which I didn't). No comments on the extreme photophobia, except to give it some time...
Dr. André Hazan  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
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Hi Miss Brenda

You have to try to know with your doctor...if no possible...search for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon there or on another place.

If you have photophobia and dry eye...you must to be careful to avoid cornea ulcer and lubrificate/lubricate them with fresh tears and jelly medicines(night)..and to know if you have dificulty to shut your eyes(lagophtalmos/eye does't close the eyes and/or ectropium). Only a doctor selected by you/we examining to know what happened...or if is good to act(surgery)or nothing to do anymore... at no maximum 3 months...after first surgery...in some cases(6 months.ndré

Best wishes
André Hazan
from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Georg M. Huemer MSc, MBA  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Linz
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Dear Brenda,

I am sorry that you did not achieve the result that you wanted!
Maybe there is some scar contracture on the side where the hematoma was postoperatively. If so, it is ok to wait for at least half a year before considering any subsequent surgery. In the meantime you should massage your periorbital area, especially the lower lid at least once daily to soften the scar.
Regarding the dry eye, I would advise you to consult an ophtalmologist, maybe there was some tendency for a dry eye, that now got worse after the surgery. He should prescribe you some medicine for relieve.
Good luck!
G Huemer
Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Berlin
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The most common complications are postoperative haematoma which in most cases disappears spontaneusly. In rare cases there are complications like ectropium which means that the eylid is retracted and the eye-closure is impaired. However, in general complications are limited since the intervention is small and calculable according to what will happen. However, you should also be aware that theoretically due to swelling and compression of the optic nerve blindness could occur, which is extremely rare complication.

Kind regards.
Prof. Nektrios Sinis

Dr. Goran Lazović  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Belgrade
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there are a lot of possible compl. after eyelid op....
but, photophobia is obviously an ophtalmological problem!!!
so, do not make mistake, avoid further visits to your plastic surgeon, be wise and visit an ophtalmologist!
you will be ok, i am sure.
Dr. Julio César Escobar Fonseca  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Cali
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Complications in blepharoplasty are usually very rare, but should be kept in mind and know how to handle when they arise. Some are persistent edema, hematoma and bruising, asymmetry, dry eye, corneal ulcer. The most important thing is always the patient's care and confidence with the surgeon.

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Dr. Horia Remus Siclovan  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Arad, Sibiu
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Risks associated with blepharoplasty include poor healing or infection at the incision site, temporarily blurred or impaired vision and dry eye. Difficult closing of eyes is also possible and usually temporary. Ectropion, a pulling down of the lower eyelid may occur in a small number of cases and is often temporary. All surgery carries risks associated with anesthesia.
Dr Maghnam Ayed Shahateet M.D.FRCS Frcs  |  Basic member  |  Amman
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lid lag and asymetry are the most common complications

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