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Will the 3 - day face-lift surgery be effective compared to the traditional one?.  8 2018-02-08
Eyebrow lift: looking for a good surgeon in Europe  12 2018-02-08
Just how painful is the recovery after smas face and neck li...  7 2018-02-08
I'm having a smas face and neck lift and possible brow lif...  5 2018-02-03
Where can I get a professional and affordable SMAS face lift?  10 2017-10-30
Can you recommend a good plastic surgeon for face/neck lift in Gdansk/Gdynia?  6 2017-10-30
Face lift looking for a surgeon near or in Luxembourg  4 2016-06-21
Flying after Face lift surgery  9 2015-12-08
Face lift: has anyone had a surgery at Forma Ciriuga in Monterrey Mexico?  3 2015-11-19
Face lift: 1 month post op and and unusually tired  3 2015-10-12
Need suggestion on Facelift  3 2015-10-05
What are the alternatives to a traditional face lift?   POPULAR  9 2015-09-10
Willing to know more about facelift  6 2015-08-11
I want to have Face/necklift in France / Nice or Cannes  4 2015-07-16
My face is still hard and swollen after a facelift  3 2014-12-05
Face lift: looking for surgeons around the Almeria area  2 2014-12-01
The cost of a face lift  5 2014-10-28
How long after a facelift do I need to wait before having a smile makeover?  4 2014-10-20
Face lift cost in Mazatlan, Mexico  4 2014-10-10
Face lift: looking or people who underwent the surgery  7 2014-10-01

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