I'm having a smas face and neck lift and possible brow lif...

I'm having a smas face and neck lift and possible brow lif...

Greta  |  visitor  |  California
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I'm having a smas face and neck lift and possible brow lift. I have had botox in my forehead this past December , juvederm and volumna treatment last June . Do I have to wait for all these products to be gone before I have the surgery?
Dr Mayank Singh MS,MCh.  |  Basic member  |  New Delhi
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Contact Radiance Cosmedic Centre in Delhi. and book a consultation with Dr. Mayank Singh in India.
Dr. Julio Morais PhD.  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  São Paulo
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Dear Greta, usually it is not necessary that all products be gone for a face lift. Look for a plastic surgeon and he will show what is the best solution for your face. Best wishes. Prof. Julio Morais (Lisbon)
Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D.  |  Premium member  |  Urology  |  Alanya
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Hi dear Greta

We can do your surgery there is not any problem. Just want to request send us your photos to guide you in the best way.

Best regards
Op. Dr. Cem Özlük
Dr. med. Paul J. Edelmann  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main
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No. Not necessarily.

Best regards from Frankfurt,

Dr. med. Paul J. Edelmann.
Associate Professor Ercan Karacaoglu M.D.  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Istanbul
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Not eveytime it is manfatory to wait. But the remaining part needed to be evaluated based on your surgical treatment plan

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