My face is still hard and swollen after a facelift

My face is still hard and swollen after a facelift

Erica  |  visitor  |  California
Hello everyone; I am brand-new here. I had a facelift/necklift three weeks ago. My doctor was well certified, well reviewed and has over 25 years of experience, and I have no regrets of my choice with him.

I did a lot of reading and prepping before the surgery, and I thought I was well prepared. The doc even warned me that I may deal with some depression and bad feelings during the healing process. But I guess I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was.

Three weeks in, and my face is still hard and swollen, more so on the right than on the left. My smile is crooked and forced looking, because my cheeks are hard and won't move as much. I cannot move my right eyebrow; I have no feeling in it.

The right side of my neck looks wonderful, but the center and left side are all red and scabby. The scabs/cuts in my scalp are pulling and giving me headaches.

Worst of all, my hair is falling out. I know this is a common phenomenon, known as telogen effluvium, wherein a shock to the body (like a surgery, illness, or even pregnancy) can drive the hair into a resting phase and a fair amount of it sheds. I have been told it will eventually get better and I won't go bald, but it's still terrifying, seeing all this hair loss. My hair is long and layered, and usually very full and bouncy and beautiful. Now it just hangs like a limp dishrag. It doesn't help that I can't put product in it and blow it out with a hair dryer, because of all the scabbing.

I did this to feel more attractive, and I feel hideous. HELP! Please tell me it gets better! I know thousands of people have been through this successfully. The Internet doesn't help... either I read absolute horror stories, or I read about what to expect the first two weeks, but little about after that. Just how long IS this freaking healing process, anyway? When will I feel like me again? Thanks... Erica
Dr Nicolaos Hatzipieras  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Athens
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Dear Erica,
Face lift is a radical, life changing operation. Queen of plastic surgery may be called!
You should do the follow up with your surgeon, cos several complications may occur. Complications are not often, but when it come to facelift they can be important.
You may have an hematoma formation at one side, that makes you seem swollen and the skin to feel hard. It needs to be evaluated by your surgeon. In that case, the hematoma will be gradually absorbed and everything will be back to normal.
If though you experience facial asymmetry, ether when your face is relaxed or when doing expressions, this can indicate a facial nerve injury. Asymmetry on the forehead is rather important and if you have a complete paralysis of the forehead or the eyebrow on one side, it seems alarming. Asymmetry around the mouth is usually restored within months. Either way that should be evaluated by your surgeon in order to verify if any of these problems is possible and if something must be done to restore it.
Oedema is normal and is usually not absolutely symmetrical. It sometimes need several weeks to get better.
Hypesthisia, especially close to the scars is also normal and needs moths until it is completely restored.
You should definitely be evaluated by your surgeon for all these. Facelift is an operation that gives a fine and satisfying result, but for the terminal result and everything to be back to normal it takes at least 2-3 months. If all goes well it will give you a result you ll be happy about for decades even! So be also patient.
Thank you
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Face lift is a highly satisfying surgery if performed correctly and by an experienced facial plastic surgeon. If liposuction or extensive underminimg of your face was carried out during your face lift surgery, then you should expect hardness and swelling for a few weeks, if there was no other complication. Generally with our state of the art KHAWAJA'S EXCLUSIVE SIMPLIFIED FACE LIFT, there is minimal swelling and you should expect a face lift result after a week to ten days, when your stitches are removed. Conventional swelling and hardness do not occur with our highly refined techniques of face lift. On the other hand, results are excellent, long lasting with face lifts ranging from SCARLESS to Minimal Inconspicious Scars.
Jude  |  visitor  |  Montana
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I had my facelift 3 years ago. The one thing they told me to do was to be diligent about massaging my facial tissues. The feeling may never come back. but with the muscles in my cheek bone area I could actually feel them release as the suture dissolved. It took about 6 months for my face to look totally normal.

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