Looking for advice on best procedures for my lower face.

Looking for advice on best procedures for my lower face.

Fayeberlene  |  visitor  |  London, City of
Hi! I’m looking for some advice to what procedures are available and recommended for the issue I have. I’m 27 years old and slim, but my face seems to have fatty areas in the lower half of my face which make My face look slackened. I would like to hollow out This lower cheek area slightly so it pronounces my cheek bones, mouth and jaw line. I’m not sure if it’s bone or muscle structure causing the problem, or just excess fat/ skin, or simply ageing, do unsure if it should be a surgical procedure or something that can be fixed with fillers? As I’m not exactly sure what the problem is, I don’t know where to start researching. The image attached is my face completely relaxed. I’d really appreciate some advice on what my problem might be and what options to consider. Thank you

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