Hair replacement surgery: is it really effective?

Hair replacement surgery: is it really effective?

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Hi all,
I am facing severe hair loss problem due to dandruff. I had tried some medications like rogaine to get rid of it. but of no use. My cousin suggested me to sought the help of Seager medical group in Toronto for a hair loss surgery. Is it really effective? Or is there any alternative solution to get rid of dandruff problem? Please advice me in this concern. Thank you in advance.
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you are mixing 2 different problems

dandruff is one problem that doesn't need hair surgery to be fixed

dandruff don't make hair fall

if you have genetical alopecia , yes hair transplant can be efficient but well planified
and well performed

don't go for hair transplant if you are young because planification is not easy at that time

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If you are having severe hair loss problem, hair transplant can be the answer. However, it is highly technique, surgeon and assistant dependent. All hair transplant techniques do not lead to acceptable results and technique of cutting and insertion of grafts along-with a number of other factors are involved in the outcome. We have been doing hair transplants for more than 30 years now. We use "Khawaja's Simplified Hair Transplant Techniques". We have between 80-100% graft survival rate with our state of the art techniques and you get maximum hair density in a single session.
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As was mentioned bellow you are about two different problems . To solve your dandruff problem you may change your shampoo and massage well your scalp during hair washing . On the other hand if you suffer from a hair loss and expect permanent solution you should consult with a surgeon and share your photos for tailor made medical evaluation and hair restoration options .
If you would like to contact us please check our web site . All the best
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It's effective, hair transplantation can cause permanent hair loss problems, since implanted hair is never shed by external factors such as burns and cuts.
Hair transplantation is easy, uncomplicated or dangerous.

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I would recommend to visit a consultant dermatologist as dandruff may be due to various skin issues.


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