Hand malformation: looking for a solution

Hand malformation: looking for a solution

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My daughter was born with a malformation to the left hand.
The diagnosis from birth is Agenesis fingers 2,3,4 and Hypoplasia. She is currently 18 months old.
I would be interested in an opinion about our case, whether there is anything that we can do, where, and at which age. We are interested in a treatment (surgery or prosthesis) that could apply in her case, also on a short term or long term basis. Could you recommend a Clinic and a Doctor that could help us?

I would very much appreciate your response.
Thank you.
Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Magnus Noah  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Kassel
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There is a center in Braunschweig , chief Dr. Benetar, as well as a center in Hamburg , wileminenstift, both purely dedicated to hand malformations.
Please check also Prof. HAERLE in Markgroningen, he is a wonderful hand surgeon , located closer to you.
Prof. E.M. Noah

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